The 9 Non-Negotiable Rules for Colored Hair

A new look usually requires a new hair color. And for us ladies, a new hair color is more like a rebirth of sorts – when we get a new job, or a promotion, or just because it’s Valentine’s. We would get a new dye or a set of cool highlights to freshen up our do. With this set of choices, of course comes a load of responsibility. Keeping our new look should stay as good as when we had it fresh from the salon.

Colored hair maintenance is no joke. There are rules to follow because if not, we will suffer the consequences. More importantly, it is important that no matter what changes we put on our hair, we are able to still look healthy and happy. So here are 8 rules that are absolutely non-negotiable to keep healthy and beautiful colored hair.

Rule #1: Don’t soak your hair in water.

Most colorists will tell you that the best time to wash newly-dyed hair is 48 hours after the procedure is done. This is because the pores of the hair will have more time to absorb the color. The other reason is that if your hair is frequently wet, then all the color will just wash out. After shampooing and conditioning, rinse quickly. Don’t stand under the shower and let the water just run through your hair.

Rule #2: Take lukewarm or cold showers instead of hot baths.

Take cold showers when you have colored hairUse lukewarm or cold water in washing hair. Hot water will only open the pores of your hair and let all the dye gush out, leaving it to be washed away. Don’t wash your hair too often. The alternative is using dry shampoo, which will add an extra coat of oil to your hair, leaving it moisturized till the next wash.

Rule #3: Use conditioner every time you use shampoo.

Colored hair is prone to be dry and coarse. That is why it is important to use conditioner after every rinse. Best way to condition the hair is to leave it on for a couple of minutes, let the steam open the pores in your hair, and have your hair absorb the moisture. Don’t leave it on too long, though, and make sure that you rinse the hair with lukewarm or cold water.

Rule #4: Use a leave on conditioner.

After rinsing your hair, use a leave on conditioner to keep away dryness and brittleness. Make sure that the leave on conditioner is lightweight, meaning not too oily or dense, and is designed to protect and make your hair shine vibrantly.

Rule #5: Get a moisturizing treatment every week.

The key to having gorgeous colored hair is keeping it moisturized. Conditioning and leave on conditioning are not enough. It’s important to use a mask or simply soak your hair in coconut oil for 20 minutes. These are enough to give you the moisture boost you need for the week.

Rule #6: Get a trim.

To avoid split ends or hair cracking, go to a professional to trim and shape your hair. Most women with colored hair develop split ends and it is not easy to trim them at home. Salons like Mastercuts and Fantastic Sam’s offer professional service. While you’re at it, get your treatment too.

Rule #7: Ditch the iron!

It is very wrong to heat up your hair cuticles when you have already dried it out. Dye chemicals have already sucked the moisture out at this point, so why worsen the damage? However, if it is absolutely necessary to style your hair and use a dryer or flat or curling iron, coat your hair with a heat protection serum.

Rule #8: Don’t over-dye.

For greying hair, and hair that grows fast, the best is to use cover-ups of various shades of brown. This way, your hair gets more breathing room till the next chemical infusion.

Rule #9: Wear a hat.

Wear a hat to protect your colored hatUV rays from the sun will not only dry your hair more, but destroy the pigments in your dye. Protect your color by wearing a hat if you are going to stay outdoors for a long time or use UV protection leave on products from root to tip.

As tedious and as laborious as it seems, maintaining colored hair is worth it because it is totally worth your time to put attention to your needs. In the end, it is a labor of love for yourself and for your well-being. As I’ve said, we ladies love make-overs and rightly so, but that is no excuse for being a slob with our hair care. Be conscientious and be diligent with your hair care routine and your hair will definitely love you back.

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