8 Short Hairstyles to Try This Summer

Your hairstyle can dictate your entire look, and it may also affect people’s first impression of you. But just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you no longer have room to style it. In fact, your choices for hairstyle may be just as exciting as what you would have if you had long hair. Depending on how your hair is styled, short hair can look whatever you want it to look like: chic, sleek, romantic, edgy, formal, or fun and carefree. If you have short hair, here are 8 hairstyles that you can go for:

The Wavy Bob

Everyone knows the bob, but you might want to add a little more flavor and variety to it by making it wavy. The length of the wavy bob will still be somewhere below your ears and somewhere above your shoulders, but the wavy wisps will give it the character that a normal bob normally lacks. A little layering will also help make this hairstyle unforgettable.

The Ultra Modern Shag

The shag is back, and you can use it to make your short hair look a lot more interesting than usual. This is perfect if your face is rounded or even square-shaped, because it gives your face an elongated look. The shag looks stylish but it has just the right amount of playful messiness, so it’s perfect if you have a fun-loving personality.

Extra Short and Extra Sleek

If you want your hair to look as business-like and as professional as yourself, then go for the extra short and extra sleek cut. It’s perfect if you have a busy lifestyle because it simply removes all the added weight that long hair can bring. Your hair stylist can do this through a graduated cut that begins fro the nape of your neck. A round layer will then have to be done around the head, falling slightly above the graduated portion. Not only does this make you look professional, it also helps you deal with extra humid days.

Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

The bob is not for everyone, but for those whose facial structure will look good with a bob, it’s one of the boldest signature hairstyles you can try. The key to a good bob is a good stylist and a good blow dryer, but you can also make a bob more interesting by adding well-defined bangs. Aside from the bangs, which are guaranteed to make your bob unique, you can also do away with the usual bob by asking your stylist to make it asymmetrical and play with the edges.

Fun-Loving Pixie

Nothing screams fun-loving more than a short pixie cut. It’s one of the bravest moves any woman can make, because a pixie hairstyle will definitely bring attention to your face. However, it’s also guaranteed to take years away from your face and give you an ultra fresh look. A pixie cut is extra short especially on the back and the sides, but is slightly longer at the top of the head. Depending on what you want, the pixie can be structured but can also be fun and edgy. While it’s true that the pixie will not suit everyone, there are those who think they won’t look good in a pixie cut only to find out once they do it that it’s one of their best looks. Sometimes all it takes is a little bravery to go for that leap of faith, but you can also always ask your stylist’s opinion.

Voluminous and Layered

You wouldn’t normally put voluminous and short in one sentence, but this is a common misconception. Even short hair can have volume, especially if your stylist layers it properly. With side-swept strands and a good blowout, your short hair can look every bit as sexy and full of body as what you would expect from long hair.

Loose Curls with a Deep Side Part

It’s all about making a statement, and with short hair you can still do that. Start with a deep side part, because center-parting your hair is so last decade. The deep side part gives you more personality, and by adding a couple of loose curls here and there, you’ll have that playful, romantic vibe going on.

Layered with Side-Swept Bangs

You can ask your hairstylist to trim your locks just a little above the shoulders, giving you length that is short enough to get out of your way but long enough to tie in a ponytail. To give it some character, you can also ask your hairstylist to trim it into layers, which will give it added volume and texture. Top it off with side-swept bangs and you’re ready to display a short and stylish hairstyle that will surely be the envy of many.

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