4 Unexpected Ways to Jazz Up Your Hair

If you love taking risks on your hair, changing up the style of your cut from time to time can eventually get boring. Sure, you can also experiment with colors, but then again, the novelty can wear off after a while as well.

Don’t worry, though, as you won’t run out of options in jazzing up your locks. Here are few of the boldest ways to change up your hair:

Hair Tattoos

This may seem like a very novel idea in women but it’s actually a well-established hairstyle in men. ‘Hair tattoos’ aren’t exactly tattoos but are styled ‘hair shaves’. Instead of using ink in creating images, this method uses a precise shaving technique. It’s more popular among men but the spunkiest ladies are now sporting the look, too.

Aside from the various creative looks that you can achieve with this hairstyle, you can also opt not to commit to the bold look all the time. A lot of women opt for the hidden hair tattoo style where they get an undercut with a hair tattoo under a plan, regular haircut. No one will have to know that you have something hidden underneath all that hair until you put your hair up!

Hair Stencils

Want to color your hair but don’t want to commit to a single bold hue? Want to enjoy a few patterns in there, too? Hair stencils will let you do both at the same time.

This technique will let you draw on your hair without being an artist. You just need a nice stencil and a few bottles of colored hairspray and you’re good to go. With some practice and precision, you can already create an exciting hairstyle on your own. There are experts who can do this, too, so if you live near one, you can also just have it done.

Hair Glitter

If you want to glam things up, adding glitters to your look is always a great way to pull it off. There are tons of ways to do this – from glittered clothes, shoes, makeup, and even skin. But have you ever considered adding glitters to your hair?

There are actually a few different ways how you can add sparkle to your locks. Here are three of the easiest techniques that you can try practically anywhere:

1. Glitter hairspray

All you need to do is spray these products on to your locks and that’s it! You’re good to go.

2. Glitter gel

You can find hair gels that are already formulated with glitters so all you need to do is to apply them on your locks to achieve your desired look.

3. Loose glitter

If you want to use bigger glitters or those sparkly stars and hearts to make your hair glimmer, this is the best technique to try. All you need are some glitters and hairspray. Spritz some hairspray on your locks and then immediately drop some glitters to the wet area. The spray will hold the glitters in place so you can dance the night away without shaking off your sparkle.

Gold Leaf Hair

Want your hair to sparkle but in a more mature and elegant manner? Adding some gold foil to it might just do the trick for you.

To pull off this look, you need some gold sheets, your choice of gel or mousse, and some hairspray. Cut up the sheets into your desired shape then apply some mousse or gel into your hair. Place the cut up gold foil on top according to the look you’re going for then seal it with a spritz of hairspray. This can easily take sleek hairstyles up a few notches with its sparkle and boldness.

Multicolored Hair

If you can’t decide on a single hair color, going all out and wearing all of the colors you like in one go is also an option. This very bold trend has been around forever but it’s been making a grand comeback in the past few years.

There are a few different ways how to wear different colors in your hair. Some of the most popular ones, however, are the following:

1. Rainbow

This style features cascading colors that will remind you of a rainbow. They might not always have the exact same colors as a rainbow’s, though.

2. Tie dye

Remember those tie dye shirts your hippie classmates used to wear in school? Well, this is the hair version of that.

3. Ombre

The ombre hairstyle can be done with various colors. Just make sure that there’s a contrast between the two and you’ll have no problem pulling it off. A lot of salons like the Fantastic Sams are also experts in this method, so you won’t have a hard time in achieving this look.

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