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10 Nail Trends That Never Fade or Go Out of Style

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Being fashionable should not stop at wearing the right clothing and shoe style alone. To be completely in vogue, keeping nails groomed will help complete your overall look. Fingernails (as well as toenails) play an important role on women’s look. It can represent your innermost desires and fantasies—in a cute-sie little package just right up your limbs. But you do not have to rely on fake Kim Kardashian nails or Lady-Gaga-meets-Lindsay-nails all the time to achieve the look that you want for your hands. If you want to achieve that precious look on your fingernails without having to wear outrageous nail art, here are some of the nail design trends that never go out of style.

The Donna Summer Look

You can turn even the bleakest of winter or the melancholy of fall into a cheerful sunny everyday look. The Donna Summer nails feature brightly lit colors that represents the sun, sky and sea. From wake-me-up yellows to countryside-green and serene sky blue to florals and neons, this is what they call the “happy look”. Summer is all about fun and relaxation. You can cut your nails way down low or grow it longer than usual. Whichever the case, this is one nail design that can boost a feeling of glee from the beholder.

Oval-icious Nails

The oval shape often represents the divine feminine. Hence, it is considered the shape of productivity and warmth. It lends a softer, graceful image that makes hands look younger and suppler. Throughout Asia, where nail designs are as common as day and night, oval has always been one of the most popular shapes. To create one, simply straighten and even out the nails’ sidewalls. File carefully both sides of the nail toward the top by using smooth arching motions. Then slowly work on the angles and the free edges to deliver an ultra-smooth and curved shape. Durable yet stylish, you can paint it anyway you want.

Textured Monochromatic Nails

Think Ariana Grande nails with a Madonna twist. You can go square or oval, classic round or even a lipstick cut. The key to textured monochromatic nails is to cut it long for the design to pop out. As the name implies, monochromatic nails lean on the use of single color to add a sense of balance to the textured design. Manicurists and nail stylists make use of the sculpted art scheme when adding texture to nails. If you have reservations about sculpted nails, combining matte and glossy textures on a single color will do. Clean and elegant, this is one look that is pleasing to the eye.


Imagine sweet sixteen with a hint of sophistication and elegance from a grown-up. Pastel pink, mauve, very minty green, purple and lavender, and baby blue, these are the colors that soothe and relax the senses. Long before Sonny Crocket wore those washed out shirts and shorts pastel has long been a fashionable color that both women and men love to pursue. Today’s nail color design comes in smoky pastel hues. To add interest, it would be best graduating such colors by fading one hue to the next. Just like the Ariana Grande nails you frequently see when doing television interviews.

3D Superfluities

A popular nail design in trendy Japan, the use of embellishments like flowers, hearts, crosses, seashells, hoops, and what-have-you have become a hallmark of today’s ultra hip young stars. From Nicki Minaj to Rihanna, the use of embellishments has become an acceptable fashion norm that is definitely here to stay. These superfluities are usually secured to the nail with glue or gel. What makes it even more endearing is that it can be done on your own.

Here Comes the Bride

A white on white textured design that features neat and clean finish embellished with stones, pearls, laces, ribbons and flowerettes is no longer just limited to blushing brides. Think about Kim Kardashian nails when she walked down the aisle for Mr. West. The ultra rich used diamonds and Swarovski crystals. As for the everyday fashionista, the use of sparkly beads and gold coated 3D embellishments will do.

French Revolution

When it comes to nail design, the French seems to have mastered the art of sophistication and elegance. Even French tips have become a housewife’s favorite companion. Recent design however, lends some creative twists to the usually sophisticated French flavor. Japanese artists, for instance, use graduate colors and smile line substitutes to forge a new much exciting look.

Dark and Moody

Taylor Momsen and other Goth lovers out there unite! Leaning on the outrageous to downright psycho-scary-movie appeal, the use of dark and moody manicures in the colors of algae green, deep burgundy, and midnight black has continually gain an uproar among young fashion divas. The nail art is inspired by classic horror flicks thus, creating a spooky yet stylish touch in a terrifying sort.

The Hobbit

Short and sweet seem to be an ongoing style these days. Unlike before where nails are preferred long like stilettos, today’s design is inclined for avant garde functionality. Lengths are shorter but definitely, designs are just as astounding with holograms and hand-painted flat art taking center stage.

Ultra chic Kim Kardashian nails also feature amazing toenail trends. However, the usual dark hues are ditched and replaced with playful reds and oranges as well as using of two to three colors at the same time are becoming more popular among playful fashion divas. Big toes are usually designed more elaborately with embellishments to complement the overall look.

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