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Bold Nail Trends for 2021

If you’ll think about it, bold nails never really go out of style. However, most folks nowadays tend to opt for even bolder and more eye-catching designs for their nails since we’re forced to wear face coverings for health safety. The nails are the next best things to glam up, so you can bet lots of people are going to go for it.

Want to join in on the fun? Here are 9 trends that you can try to recreate on your own or get on your next appointment at LA Nails or Regal Nails:

Negative Space

Ever heard of the concept that ‘less is more’? The negative space trend is definitely a great example for this as it’s a very eye-catching way to design your nails.

The key idea is to add some small highlights to your nails, providing a nice contrast to an empty space. It’s understated, elegant, but also very bold, depending on the design and colors used. It’s certainly a great way to showcase creativity as there’s so many ways to execute the design.  

Wirework Nails

Looking for a low-effort style that is very chic with a great impact without the need for lots of nail polish? Wirework nails might do the trick for you. This trend looks spectacular and understated but is definitely posh and eye-catching. The best part is that if you’re quite good with your hands, you might be able to recreate the designs at home.


With so many things going wrong on the planet right now, it’s important to take up causes and make sure that others know about them in order to make a change. But if you don’t feel like wearing statement tees and accessories all the time, why not wear them on your nails? 

To be honest, this isn’t a new trend. It has been done for fundraising for various causes before. You can even purchase nail decals for popular advocacies so you don’t have to be very creative or skilled to enjoy the design. 


Another fascinating nail trend is the seaglass trend that makes your nails look like marvelous seaglass. Those who want to feel like mermaids on land will surely find this trend on point. Pastel lovers will also enjoy the look of this style on their hands.

If you’ve been a fan of the jelly nails, this is very similar to it. However, instead of reaching for a glossy top coat, you just need to swap it out for something matte.

Logo Nails

Logo nails are also not new but they’re making a major comeback. Maybe it’s because 90s fashion trends are big as of late that logo-mania is complementing the old-school style? No matter what the case is, however, this trend is back and you can wear your favorite brands on your nails again.

Bold French Tips

We know we’ve covered minimalist nails above but this one’s a bit different. French mani is the OG high-impact minimalist nail style but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken up a notch. There are actually tons of different ways to make it more eye-catching, bold, and unique while staying true to its roots.

For example, most artists up the ante by using loud and vibrant colors in place of white. Others used mixed materials to create contrasting textures. There are also those that play with the volume of the tip colors. There’s so many different ways to do a bold French tip without veering away from what it truly is.

Reversed and Double Tip French Mani

Another gorgeous take on the French mani is the reversed and halo nail trends that are just so stylish and sophisticated. They can also be called minimalist or negative space since they don’t usually cover the entirety of the nails. The main idea here, however, is that instead of applying the highlighting polish on the outer tip of the nails, the colors are applied right by the cuticles. It creates a similar striking contrast as the French mani but in a very different way.

Minimalist Details

Again, another take on the ‘less is more’ concept is the trend that features minimalist details on the design. These styles feature a largely empty or plain design with a small detail in contrasting or metallic color. They’re small surprises that add a pop of color or texture into your nails so they’re more noticeable despite the simplicity.

Abstract Art

Up your nail art game by bringing abstract art into the mix with this trend. There are so many different ways to give this style a go that you or your favorite nail tech will surely have a fun time trying out different designs.

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