6 Secrets to a Perfect Hair Day

Hate having to wake up in the morning only to find out that your locks would not cooperate and want to channel a bird’s nest for the day? Most folks have to struggle through such problems on a regular basis even though there’s no need to. There are quite a number of tricks that will let you have perfect hair every day. They’re not that hard, too, so it’s a wonder why not everyone is doing them.

If you want to give these tricks a shot, here are a few to keep in mind. 

Use silk pillowcases.

For the uninitiated, silk pillowcases may seem like a rip-off because they can get expensive and lots of beauty experts keep recommending them. How can a pillowcase, no matter how luxurious they feel and expensive they are, really help your skin and hair? 

It all boils down the friction they can create when your skin and hair gets in contact with their surface while you’re asleep. Of course, you’ll put some of your head’s weight on your pillow when you sleep and when you move around without lifting your head off the pillow, the pillowcase and your hair or skin will rub against each other.

Regular pillowcases create friction due to the abrasiveness of their material. This can then lead to microtears on your skin and hair breakage. However, since silk is smooth, your skin and hair can easily glide on its surface instead. This means less friction that can damage your skin and hair. 

And if your hair isn’t damaged, it can keep its smoothness and luster. It will also hold volume better so it looks better in the morning.

Some experts recommend an alternative (or to take things up a notch) by using silk scarves to wrap your hair in. This is a good idea if you have short hair as it can prevent hair flips. By wrapping your hair the opposite way of your usual part, you can also add volume to your locks for easier styling the next day.

Get regular haircuts.

Getting regular haircuts from great salons like Famous Hair and TGF Hair Salon will also help ensure that you don’t have to worry about bad hair days. By maintaining your tresses in top shape with the help of your trusted hairdresser, you can expect it to always look great.

Stop overwashing your hair.

If you wash your locks daily, there’s a very good chance that you’re over-washing it. Doing so strips your strands of its much needed natural oils to keep them moisturized, shiny, and strong.

Most experts recommend limiting your washes to about 3 times a week but your hair type and oiliness can also affect this schedule. If you have thick, coarse, and curly hair, you can get away washing less because your natural oils don’t easily move from your scalp to the length of your locks. If you have thin, fine tresses, you might need to wash more often depending on how quickly your hair gets oily. 

Get to know your tresses better and stick with the tricks and products that are best for your hair type.

The key to having healthier tresses is a thorough understanding of it. Different hair types require different ways to care and maintenance, so it really starts with how well you know your hair. Once you’ve figured out what it needs, you can already take appropriate steps to keep it healthy.

After knowing what your hair type is, you then need to use the right products and take the necessary measures to care for it. There are lots of guides on how to do this, so you will never run out of sources.

Use good tools.

Hair care tools can literally make or break your hair. Low-quality ones can cause your locks to break or create static which can be damaging. High-quality ones, on the other hand, will really help your tresses become healthier and more beautiful. 

However, it’s so easy to get swept up by the hype so be careful with what you’re getting. Do your research before splurging on something pricey that offers lots of things that are too good to be true.

Protect your locks.

As they say, protection is better than cure. This is true for your hair, too, so it’s best to take steps in protecting your locks before you go out under the sun or dive into a pool or the ocean. 

Hair SPF are now available, so if you’re often outside, you can put on some to keep the harmful UV rays away from your hair. Putting on some argan, coconut, or olive oil on your hair before diving into a chlorinated pool or the ocean will also be ideal as they can add a barrier to keep the moisture in your strands and prevent the chemicals and saltwater from drying out your locks.

Caring for your hair may require a few additional steps to your regular routine but they’re not too complicated so it shouldn’t be a major change. It can bring great results, too, when done right, so giving these tips a try can be worth the extra effort.

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