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7 Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Now If You Have Colored Hair

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Coloring your hair is possibly one of the best ways to change up your look. It’s even better if you have the audacity to go all out and get your hair colored in a very bold hue. The only problem is, there are things that you might be doing while coloring your hair that is harming it even worse than the actual dyeing process. This will leave your hair not only dry and brittle, but looking cheap as well.

What you should know, though, is that by learning the do’s and don’ts in hair coloring, you can achieve better results for your hair. This will not only leave your hair looking beautiful, but it can also help you maintain healthy tresses despite the regular dyeing. So, what are these tips? Here are a few that you might find useful.

1. Stop using box color.

Ever wondered why you can’t achieve salon-grade hair color even if you get the most expensive dye in the market? It’s simple, really. Box dyes are largely generic, which is why it is more drying and damaging to your hair. It’s still best to get colored by a professional from a reputable place like the Ulta Salon as they can best ensure the right treatment for you.

2. Never neglect after care.

Most hair dyes are undeniably drying, so after care is a must. If you’re the type who thought that coloring only involves the salon session, you’re gravely mistaken. Your hair will need deep moisturizing after being colored, so make sure to take the necessary aftercare steps to ensure your hair’s wellness. Look for deep conditioning hair masks to nurse your hair back to health and make sure to only use color-friendly hair products to keep your dye from being washed off.

3. Stop switching colorists all the time.

Different professionals have various visions and techniques in accomplishing their tasks, so if you switch colorists often, you run the risk of having conflicting opinions on how you should care for your hair. Changing colorists every time you want to change your hair color will make you spend more money in the long run as a new professional wouldn’t know your hair well, thus, will handle it like a correction job, leaving you always adjusting to a new method and product line.

Sticking with the same colorist will allow you to make sure that your hair is consistently maintained and cared for. If your colorist know your hair well, they can treat it better and even find more ways to effectively care for it. However, if you feel like your colorist isn’t the right fit, you can always look for someone new.

4. Ditch products that are loaded with sulfates.

Sulfates are chemicals derived from natural sources that let your soaps and shampoo lather up. It does help clean your scalp, but it is also capable of stripping your scalp bare from the natural oils it produce. This, in turn, causes your hair to become oilier, as your scalp will most likely try to compensate for the lost oils. While they are safe for use, they can be damaging to your hair, so avoiding them is always a must.

5. Never lie to your colorist, at least with how you color your hair.

If you’ve colored your hair at home and you’ve decided to have it treated and colored again at a salon, it is important to not lie to your colorist when asked what was the last treatment your hair received. Make sure to note which product you decided to use on your last dye job as well as the aftercare measures that you’ve done. This way, your colorist will know how to proceed in caring for your tresses and give you great results.

6. Stop going for the same look as celebrities.

Love Selena Gomez’s new look? How about Kendall Jenner’s new highlights? Want to try them out yourself? Before you call your colorist and book for an appointment, you should know that not because it worked on your favorite celebrity, the same shade and look will also work on you. The right hair color for you will match your skin tone, so go for professional advice when choosing the right shade for you.

7. Stop using heat on your hair everyday.

Exposing your hair to high temperatures on a daily basis will easily fry your tresses, leaving it dry, brittle, and unhealthy. It gets even worse if you have colored hair, so make sure to try minimizing the use of heating tools on your locks by opting to just air dry after showering or using your iron or curler in low heat. If you absolutely need to heat style your hair, you should use protectants or oil to preserve your hair’s natural oils.

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