What Hair Color Trends are We Going to See a Lot This Year?

Even if the recent pandemic may have given a lot of people a huge truckload of free time, people will still go for styles which does not require tedious maintenance and those that will complement one’s natural hair color.

Top hair stylists have already spoken and they say people are going to see a lot of these hair color techniques in 2021.

Better have screenshots of these hair colors ready before you visit your favorite colorist at Kimble Hair Studio or Sally Hershberger.


Hand painted colors are still trending.

Reverse Balayage, Blonde Balayage and Brown Balayage are the most popular. It is recommended that whoever wears this should not wash it often as washing can strip the hair of its natural oils making the balayage color look dull.

Embracing Gray

Gray continuously remains among the most popular and has no indication of going back to its former unwanted look status because it is no longer associated with old age. In fact only the boldest among the bold will have the confidence to wear this and they are never few

Hazelnut Brunette

This latest hazelnut inspired trend is achieved by a tone-on-tone brown combined with glimpses of golden, light browns going to depths of a deeper ashy brown


This can be achieved by completely bleaching the hair before going for an orchid tone that shows a warmer side of pastel violet instead of the usual baby pink. This bold yet feeling soft shade looks marvelous on dark complexions. It is perfect for those who are looking for a fun hair color that balances strength with delicacy.

Mahogany Glow

This looks best on textured hair with a dark natural base color. Mahogany is the latest addition to the tinges of red from peach to full-on ginger which was trending last year.

Flower Child Blonde

This reminds you a lot of the natural blonde look from the flower power era. It’s best to keep the roots natural for a subtle contrast and more interesting pattern. Frequent fixing will be required if one’s natural hair is dark but it will be worth it.

Pampas Blonde

At first look it may seem this is effortlessly done but it is actually a multi dimensional shade. To achieve a color effect similar to pampas grass, the colorist will apply the first application in babylight form. After that, the subtlety bolder pieces will be woven through with hand painting and foils. This will give the brighter off-white little pops. 

Golden Pops

Anyone who wants to achieve a bouncy shine on their highlights can use soft golden pops. Among other colors, gold reflects light the most so this is why it is the best to use for that bold effect.

Matte Brown

If one is not confident yet if blonde can bounce nicely on their skin or just too afraid to try, matte brown will be the best color to choose instead because it looks nice with almost every skin tone. If the colorist tones the hair longer than usual, a dense long lasting brown will be achieved. 

Barely There Highlights

This is not really new since it has always been popular among those who keep choosing to keep it simple and just like any other classic, the “barely there highlights” is going to stay

Fantasy Blue

Blue is usually reserved only for those who are bold enough to appear flamboyant. This color though is so dainty that whoever wears it can still pass as conservative

Silver Champagne

This is achieved by having the colorist use translucent pearl and silvery toners on ash blonde hair.

It will create a fresh and cool effect on blonde hair with warm accents that is not looking like the usual gold.


The goal is to create a warmer, richer, and a more lived-in-looking hair color by adding a gloss to make the color look richer. Brunettes can add more amber, gold, and “root beer” tones. For those who have natural blonde hair, this can be achieved by adding ribbons of deeper shades of blonde or glossing the hair to a deeper, buttery tone or playing with a fashion accent like marigold, peach or apricot, to create a more shade-on-shade dimension.

Face Framing Streaks

They say that no one can go wrong with two bright streaks or two toned streaks and it will always be trendy. Anyone who likes trying out something new can easily go for something like this which does not require coloring the whole area unless one is opting for a total solid contrast which can be achieved by covering the entire hair area with a totally opposite color.

By the looks of it, it seems that 2021 will be all about trying to achieve a dainty yet bold look as usual and one can do this by going for subtle shades.

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