What Do You Know About Facial Waxing?

While being comfortable in your skin is admirable, you may want to remove the fuzz on your face. You want a smoother and softer look that, more often than not, doesn’t require makeup. You should then consider getting a facial wax, a chain of salons known for their wide range of services for men and women. 

But how much do you know about facial waxing? You should ask yourself this question since you don’t want to go in with unreasonable expectations and go out dissatisfied. 

It’s Like Body Waxing 

If you’ve undergone a body waxing session, then the sensations in a facial wax will be familiar. Yes, there will be slight discomfort but it will soon pass. 

A typical facial session starts with the professional therapist heating up the wax, a skin-friendly product especially formulated for this purpose. Then, he will spread it across the treatment area, such as the chin or cheeks, using a spatula or a knife. He then places a strip of fabric on top of the layer of wax and gently presses down on it. 

The wax will stick to the fine hairs so these are ready for removal. The professional therapist then firmly rips the strip of fabric away from the follicles, usually in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This results in the hair being pulled away from the roots so it doesn’t regrow as quickly as before. 

Yes, the process is fairly simple but it’s crucial that the waxing technician actually knows what he’s doing! 

It Isn’t Suitable for Everybody 

Most people who want to remove unwanted facial hair, particularly the fine, fuzzy hair that cannot be effectively removed with a razor, are suitable candidates for facial waxing. But like all cosmetic procedures, there are also certain people who are well-advised to either completely avoid facial waxing or consult with their doctor first.  

People with acne breakouts and/or with sensitive skin should avoid getting facial waxing treatments lest they find themselves dealing with more pimples and allergic reactions. People who are on blood-thinning medications, or on prescription medications for acne, or on a medicated facial exfoliating product should ask their doctor’s approval first.  

It Has Side Effects 

While facial waxing isn’t invasive in any way, it still has its side effects, thus, the precautions. These side effects are common in clients but their severity will vary depending on your skin type and sensitivity, as well as your pain tolerance. 

You will likely feel a mild stinging sensation, a normal feeling since hair is being pulled out from its roots. You may feel a lower or higher level of pain depending on your mood, even your menstrual cycle, so you may want to book your appointment around it. Your pain tolerance may be lower, for example, when you’re menstruating so you may want to book after your period. 

The side effects of facial waxing are the same as with body waxing. These include skin irritation and redness, perhaps ingrown hairs, but these can be resolved with a few after-care steps. 

You can apply aloe vera on your face, for example, to soothe the discomfort and irritation as well as apply moisturizer after your treatment. You should also avoid exposure to direct sunlight, harsh cosmetic products including makeup, and excessive heat for 24-48 hours after waxing. You must also gently exfoliate your face after 48 hours.  

It Has More Benefits than Side Effects 

Don’t let these side effects turn you off from facial waxing! There are more benefits than side effects to the cosmetic procedure and these benefits are the reasons for its enduring popularity among men and women. 

  • It treats larger areas on the face than tweezing and threading in a single session. It can even go into the tight corners of your face where these alternative methods of hair removal aren’t as effective. 
  • It’s a precise technique for hair removal. It’s then best for the eyebrows where perfection in shape is a must for client satisfaction. Plus, it’s more effective in removing dead skin cells from the eyebrow area.  
  • It provides longer-lasting results ranging from two to six weeks. Your result will vary depending on your unique hair cycle but waxing results in slower regrowth than shaving and threading.  You will also observe that there’s less hair regrowth afterwards and, over time, your facial hair doesn’t grow back as quickly as before. 

For these reasons, waxing is the most cost-effective hair removal method; laser treatments are the most effective but these are so expensive that you will rethink your decision to have them. 

Before going to Holiday Hair for your facial waxing session, you should ask the staff about the preparation steps you have to do beforehand. You may have to allow your hair to grow before treatment, stop using skin peels and step up moisturization for your skin a few days before your appointment. 

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