A Guide to Men’s Popular and Classic Hairstyles

Most people would associate hair salons with women because when you think of salons, you would usually think of hair blowers, curlers, straighteners, make-up, manicures, pedicures, and the likes. However, this connotation is just wrong because there are also salons dedicated to men and Hair Mechanix is one of them.

If you live around the state of Michigan, there are five Hair Mechanix salons in Westland, Livonia, Waterford, Southgate, and Auburn Hills. Men will feel comfortable and pampered as the hair stylists are all professionals and they work diligently to ensure that customers’ needs are met and provided. Even the lady hair stylists specialize in the latest men’s hairstyles and they also make sure that there is always a friendly and fun environment in the salon.

If you are a guy who plans on visiting the salon, it would be better if you already know what kind of hair style you want to have. Although you can always ask for advice from the hair stylists, having a specific style in mind can save time and even set your expectations already.

A lot of hairstyles have come and gone, but if you want to know more about the popular and modern ones, here are a few of them:

The Undercut

This hairstyle is a trendy style which creates a cool and classy look for guys. It is built on the concept of having short sides and long top, but it can be worn in many ways, including street or classic styles. The great thing about this hairstyle is its simplicity and the fact that it can work with all hair types. So, whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, there is an undercut style for you.

The Man Bun

This hairstyle is applicable for men who have long hair or at least has enough hair length to be made into a bun. Sometimes, it is also called “bro bun” or “hipster bun”. Basically, the hair is pulled back and tied up in the center of the head. Some prefer a few hair strands left out while some like it clean looking. This hairstyle has been challenging stereotypes, but it works for those who are daring and bold enough to sport it.

The Top Knot

This hairstyle is a hybrid or a mixture of the undercut and the man bun. Given that it combines two of the trendiest and boldest hairstyles, this may be a little difficult to pull off. However, if you can, the top knot can look really great. If you have an undercut, trying the top knot is easy, you just have to have at least 6 to 8 inches of hair and then tie it up using the ponytail concept of the man bun.

The Fade

The fade hairstyle caters to men with short hair but you can choose among three options: low, mid, or high fade cut. For each type of fade, the hair stylist will basically use clippers to style and go from a very short length and then move up to a greater length towards the top of the head. This is great for men who want a fresh and clean haircut with a slight contrast. If you have longer hair, you can play around with different styles such as trying to slick back your hair, keeping it more natural and neat with a comb, or messing it up a bit.

The Side Part

This is one classic hairstyle that your grandfather may have sported during his time but it never runs out of style. It can be described as conservative and clean as this type of haircut features a tight hold on every hair strand. Most men who want to look professional and business-like prefer the side part hairstyle.

The Pompadour

Another classic, the pompadour hairstyle has been popularized by the one and only Elvis Presley but it has gone mainstream as a lot of men like wearing this hairstyle even today. It features short hair on the back and sides and long hair on top. The “pomp” is the large volume of hair in front which gradually recedes towards the back.

The Short Back and Sides

As implied by the name, this hairstyle sports short back and sides and a long layer on top. It sweeps over the head and then gradually narrows down at the front. This style is best for men who have strong jaw lines, high cheekbones, and masculine features. It is also an ideal choice for men who want a touch of uniqueness yet still want to stick to the classics.

No matter what your personality is or what features you may have, there are different hairstyles that will suit you. If you still cannot decide, and you want to have a makeover, you can talk to hair stylists at your salon to get some professional advice regarding what style will work and look best on you.

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