What Are the Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Long Hair and Keep it Healthy?

They say that the real beautiful people will still look amazing even without their hair.

Maybe they are partly right but no one can deny that the hair can play a huge role in making anyone appear more appealing.

We gathered a list of reasons why keeping our hair long will always work to our advantage.

Waves and Curls Are More Manageable When Your Hair Is Long

Waves and curls tend to get frizzy when the hair is short. They transform into breathtaking natural waves when they get enough length. It is best to grow your hair long so you can make it appear bouncy and flowing.

Long Hair Is Easier to Style 

Braids, French Twists and buns are easier to create when your hair is long. Hair accessories are also emphasized. Their actual use is amplified by long hair. If normally you will just use a nice hair clip as a decoration, this time it is being used to actually pull some hair in the right place. That is some functional hair art idea. The possibilities are amaranthine and you can absolutely be creative.

You Can Use Your Long Hair to Express How You Are Feeling As of the Moment

 A mane of untamed long hair is the best indication that you are feeling relaxed as of the moment. If you need to be taken seriously, you can go for a granny bun or high school professor look. You can even pass as headmaster. If you don’t want people to know you have some money, you can transform your hair in a way that you will look homeless. You can make your hair some kind of best actor rather than just a costume. Any move will feel challenging.

Long Hair Looks More Natural and  Never Goes Out of Style

Occasional short hair phases are fine but you can’t help but imagine how kids and teens will laugh at your pictures because of its outdated hairstyle. The only ones that are not laugh worthy are the ones who look simple and natural and mostly it is just someone with a well combed, straight or curly, plain long hair.

Long Hair Is Synonymous with Being Cool and Sexy

Men adore women’s long hair. Some women like their man’s hair long too. There is something about the confidence of all persons who have the freedom or guts to keep their hair long. It leaves an impression of strength and non conformity and it is sexy for most people.

Long Hair Is a Symbol of Empowerment

The amount of time you devoted to growing your hair up to your desired length says a lot about your character. This is why being able to take good care of an enormous amount of hair is a symbol of patience and empowerment for some.

Having Long Hair Is A Status Symbol

One can’t help but feel luxurious when their hair is soft and shiny. It only means they can afford to go to posh hair salons like Dominican Hair or BoRics

Being able to afford all that free time to get your hair done and treated is already a luxury in itself. Having time for yourself is the best indication of stability. It means you don’t need to be a white collar slave conforming to rules.

Having Long Hair Can Balance Your Facial and Body Proportions 

Most of our unwanted body shapes often appear more prominent if there is only little hair on top. 

People who are light heartedly called “The Bottom Heavy” or those with pear shaped body shapes could use a little hair volume to balance their appearance.

If anyone has a longer hair style, it can stretch a silhouette and balance out body proportions. 

Some curls and waves or volume can complement certain facial and body shapes. 

Your hairdresser will be the best person to ask about which length would be best for your face and body shape because they have already studied it well in technical school.

You Can Only Wear a Ponytail If You Have Enough Hair

The classic ponytail is an indicator that your hair is long enough. It is that one thing we all miss after cutting out our hair a little too short out of impulse. Once we are able to tie our hair up neatly again, we feel so relieved that we swear not to cut our hair too short again because it has been really inconvenient when we can’t pull them all up in a direction we want like maybe an eighties side ponytail or something.

Since Long Hair Is Easier to Manage, You Don’t Need a Haircut Often

When you have a simple long hair, you no longer need to see your stylist every 6 weeks or more often to get a trim on your short cut. You get to save money and time. Just make sure you still trim the tips to keep your hair healthy and free from split ends or rough edges.

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