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Updated: February 20, 2024

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By: Julia Rutherford

The Dominican Hair Salons have many salons under its name. These are hair salons bringing pride to their country. One of these Dominican Hair Salons is the Dominican Image Salons and all of these salons are operated and managed by Mariana. Dominican Hair Salons derived its name from Mariana’s country of origin, Dominican Republic. She was a graduate of cosmetology in 1984 and began working in DC salons a year after she graduated.

The following Dominican Hair Salon prices are estimates only.


Basic Services

Wash & Set (Starting Price)$25.00
Color (Starting Price)$40.00
Alizado (Starting Price)$50.00
Blow Dry (Starting Price)$30.00
Men's Cut (Starting Price)$13.00
Women Cut (Starting Price)$15.00
Children's Cut (Starting Price)$10.00
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Services Offered

Aside from the usual hair cut and hair trim, Dominican Hair Salon offers lots of hair styling services including hair perm, hair coloring, hair semi-coloring and hair wash and hair setting. For more advanced treatments, Dominican Hair Salon has hair highlighting, deep conditioning, oil conditioning and hair relaxing, flat iron treatment and keratin treatment

Dominican Hair Salon tells their clients that their prices are not definite. Customers may inquire through phone but the prices set for the said treatments prior to their visit may change. Service prices are dependent on the length of the customer’s hair. During the visit the price for the services will then be quoted to the clients before the service is given. However, clients may come in without appointments.

Unique Selling Points

The Dominican Hair Salon experience is just one-of-a-kind. A client is expected to have such a treat for quite a big part of the day. One can also come here with no appointments, but there’s a first come, first serve policy.

During days nearing weekends or holidays, like Thursday through Saturday, one must be prepared to spend from 2 to 4 hours in a Dominican Hair Salon. However, it is what Dominicans like doing. Dominicans come here to socialize and converse with one another just like a family. Some people bring food and what happens is like a gathering of sort or a party. Music is also constantly played like Merengue or Bachata. A Dominican Hair Salon is a happy place for women to be in.

Products They Offer

Dominican Hair Salons’ products are readily available for ordering from their site. They have various products to choose from. These products may also be used using a client’s visit in Dominican Hair Salon. It is then recommended to ask your Hair and Beauty Stylist what products she is giving you so that you may ask her for that product on your next visit. However, all these products are great and can do wonder with your hair.

They have Silicon Mix Shampoo and Conditioner for intensive leave-in conditioning treatment. It also has a moisturizing shampoo that is directly imported from the Dominican Republic. It is best suited for damaged or dry hair and brings back shine and good condition.

Dominican Hair Salon also showcases Bomba leave-in intensive conditioner that protects hair from being dry due to varying seasons. This product moisturizes hair from roots up to the ends so that split ends will be avoided and can also bring back the health of overly processed hair.

Dominican Hair Salon also recommends Salerm Prein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner because they have conditioning active agents that could bring back the natural balance of your hair which had been damaged by harsh weather conditions and even overly exposed to styling methods. This product promises restoring hair silkiness for more manageable brushing.

The salon also uses KUZ Hair Loss Control for weak hair. It has some formulations and active agents to bring back the healthy nature of one’s scalp so that it strengthen hair using sebaceous secretions.

KUZ Growth Factor Treatment is also being used by their experts as a treatment for hair growth by enabling the hair bulb to promote the correct growth cycle of hair.

Why Customers Love Them

There are numerous positive reviews for this Dominican Hair Salon on Yelp’s website. A customer named Tiffany R., said that she “loved this place.” She told her story of going there on a Tuesday for a 35 dollar blow out and a hair trim. She related that even though she was the only person in this salon because she arrived very early, it was a fun day because the stylist was easy to talk to. She loved her hair and she “definitely recommends this place” for anyone looking for a “traditional Dominican hair salon blowout.”

Another satisfied customer named Kila S., said that she searched for Yelp for those who will work on her thick curly hair and was happy that she was able to find Dominican Image Salon. She said, “they said they take walk-ins” so she went there. She commented on the staff she met , “I love the fact that she was welcoming.”

Indeed, Dominical Hair Salons are getting rave reviews from their customers. They definitely make their clients happy with their service.

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