Secret Tips for Healthy Fingernails

Secret Tips for Healthy Fingernails

A lot of people (especially men), aren’t exactly all that concerned when it comes to their nails. it’s enough that they cut their nails when they get long.

For women, nails aren’t that simple. But too many of them still don’t take care of their fingernails properly.

It’s not enough that you get your regular manicure and pedicure from excellent nail salons like Dashing Diva. If you really want your fingernails healthy, then here are some tips that will actually help:

Clip Your Nails Every 2 Weeks

Once a month is not enough. In fact, if your nails grow even more quickly than average, then you might have to clip them more frequently.

Keeping your nails trim makes them less more likely to get damaged due to snags. Issues such as breakage and hangnails are more likely when you have longer fingernails. If you keep them short for a while, so that when you do try for longer nails, then they’re stronger as a result.

Be Careful with Your Nails

Avoid using metal tools to clean under your nails. Too much digging under your nails can actually lead to a condition called onycholysis. That’s when the nail plate separates from the skin, and it’s more likely to happen to folks over 50 years old.

You can also damage your nails when you washed dishes by hand or clean with chemicals. Protect your fingernails by using gloves.

Clean Your Nails Properly

When you’re back at home and ready to remove all traces of polish, start by first washing your hands. Use an acetone-free remover to remove the nail polish. Then put on some soap on a clean toothbrush, and use this to carefully scrub the nails and the surrounding skin. This will remove dirt and exfoliate the skin, and you won’t even have to use harsh chemicals.

Keep a Glass Nail File Handy

You’ll want one on you at all times, especially if your job (or even your workout routine) can lead to potential nail damage. Don’t use an emery board, which might cause your nails to peel and snag.

Go with the glass nail file (also called a crystal nail file) instead, and work in a single direction with the grain of the nail to get the smoothest finish.

Maintain Your Nail Tools

First off, replace your nail clips when they’re no longer sharp. And the same goes for other disposable tools like emery boards.

And even if your nail clips are still sharp, disinfect them between uses. Wash the metal tools with soap and water, and then use rubbing alcohol to wipe them down.

Lay Off Your Cuticles

Unless you’re a professional nail technician who can deal with your cuticles properly, you may want to leave them alone.

The cuticle seals the area at the base of the nail, so you really ought to seriously think things through before you remove or cut your cuticles. Doing so breaks that protective seal, making the area more vulnerable to bacteria.

In fact, get your nails looked over by a professional nail technician on a regular basis. That way, they can identify problems that they can fix, or even health issues that you need a doctor for!

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