Top Things You Need to Know About Getting Hair Extensions

Always wanted a long, gorgeous mane but your hair won’t cooperate? Hair extensions are some of the best solutions if you want to change up your look in a jiffy. No more need to wait for months to gain length as these babies can be attached to your natural locks in just an hour or two. Celebrities use it all the time, so why not give it a go?

Before you head to your favorite salon, though, you need to know a few things about hair extensions. First of which is, you need to do some research before you decide to get hair extensions. There are so many things you need to decide on if you’re getting hair extensions, so it’s best if you are well educated about the matter before heading out to get them.

To help you out in getting to know more about hair extensions, here are the top things you should know before you book an appointment with your stylist.

Real vs. Fake Hair

You have two basic options in hair extensions: real or synthetic hair. Natural human hair is most preferred by many stylists as it doesn’t require a lot of tweaks to look real on your head. However, synthetic hair is a lot more affordable but can be easily noticed as fake hair. They’re also a lot easier to damage, so if you’re fond of heating tools when styling your hair, you’re better off with the other type.

Getting Attached

There are four different ways to attach hair extensions on your head:

  • Glue-ins or fusion hair extensions last the longest and is the best way to attach natural hair to your tresses. They typically last for 3 to 5 months but they’re not exactly for every type. Ladies with thick natural hair will get the most out of this method the most as their hair will be able to withstand the weight and texture of the glue.
  • Sew-ins, a.k.a. weaves, use wefts that are woven into your tightly braided natural hair. They can last for six to eight weeks and best suited for those with thick, coarse, or curly hair. However, it can weigh down your hair with its thickness and weight.
  • Tape-ins use discreet double sided tape to attach customizable wefts to your hair. They’re best for those with thin hair as it attaches the wefts right into the scalp. It also lasts for six to eight weeks.
  • Clip ins are also great options, but they’re temporary. They give you more versatility with your look, though, so they can be the right fit for you if you want to play up your look from time to time.

Not for Everyone

If anyone ever tells you that having hair extensions is just a matter of going to the salon, don’t believe them. Hair extensions are high maintenance and that’s the fact. This is why most experts will tell you that it isn’t for everyone as you’ll need a good deal of home care for these things if you want to keep them looking real and natural.

Some lifestyles also won’t work well with having extensions. Those who love changing their hair color, going to the sauna, doing some hot yoga, or even updos might not get the most out of hair extensions. If you also hate doing much with your hair, it might be best to skip out on this beauty procedure as it requires a lot of care to last and look natural.

Professionals Needed

Experts strongly recommend you ask a professional stylist’s help when getting hair extensions. Sola Salon Studios have great hairstylists who are experienced in attaching and caring for hair extensions so you can visit one of their locations to get your hair beautifully done.

Relying on just anyone won’t cut it as you need the extra hair to actually stick to yours so it will look and feel as natural as possible. Tweaks can also be necessary especially if your natural hair doesn’t match the extension’s color. You might also need a new haircut to tie the whole look together as well as have the extensions checked every few weeks to see if they’re still properly attached or whether you already need to have them removed. The bottom line here is, if you’re going to get extensions, you need to work with a professional to ensure that it looks good.

Adjustment Required

Another thing to know about having extensions is that you’ll really need to adjust after having it. Styling it requires great care as you can easily damage the extensions with too much heat or products. Especially if you opt for synthetic wefts, you might have to skip using heating tools entirely to preserve the condition of the locks.

Be Ready to Invest

Lastly, make sure that you’re ready to spend some serious money on your extensions. These things don’t come cheap and you’ll also have to spend a good amount on its maintenance. If you’re not ready to spend your hard earned cash on this beauty procedure, you can always go for clip ins or just skip it entirely.

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