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Top Salon Services That Have Nothing to Do with the Hair

Ever wonder what other services a hair salon provides other than taking care of your hair? Many people believe that hair salons only provide haircuts, styling and treatment. Today’s hair salons, however, are breaking free from such perception. Many even call their establishments a “spa”. To give you an idea about what other services modern salons provide, take a look at our list below:

Make-Up and Eyelash Applications

Most hair salons offer make-up and eyelash applications. Though, it is not always advertised, the stylists who have been giving treatments to your hair can actually apply all sorts of cosmetics to your face and bring out your natural beauty for any special event. Some salons, however, have more diverse and unique application choices than others like airbrush make-up, temporary or permanent eyelash extensions and eyebrow tattoo, and so on.


Many hair salons also offer full or partial body tanning to their clients. This type of service usually helps eliminate the usual problems associated with tanning creams as they are handled by experts. You can finally free yourself from the mess of sporadic streaks all over your body, orange-y palms and unevenly tanned skin. Clients who wish to get their desired look can enjoy unique formulas mixed precisely according to their preferred color. Included in such services are dry exfoliation to deliver a naturally tanned look.

Glam Bar Facial

Many salons also offer an express service called glam bar facial. This is a 30-minute facial where a dermatologist or skin expert can give you full skin analysis. The skin analysis will help determine your skin’s needs and the products best suited to it. A resident aesthetician will usually give a “lecture” on how to unravel your beautiful skin via cleansing, toning and hydrating—the proper way.

Nail Care

You can hardly find a hair salon that does not offer nail care. People who usually go to a salon for a trim or color or other hair treatment will also need a manicure and pedicure. Nail care services usually include proper maintenance and grooming of fingernails, toenails and cuticles as well as polish application. Some require paraffin treatment, salt scrub or a hand massage. Other top-of-the-line salon nail care system offer exfoliation, callus work, pipe-free pedicure baths, aromatherapy, hand-filing, and many more.

Hand and Foot Spa

Most modern hair salons are no longer called “hair salon” per se. They are now called beauty spa or aesthetic services. With this, what used to be just simple nail care have become more in-depth in terms of application and, yes, cost. Hand and foot spa often requires moisture application, paraffin wax treatment, natural masques, rehydration, and heat treatment. Aside from getting rejuvenated hand and feet, these specialized treatments are also beneficial for circulation improvement and in preventing arthritis or joint pain.

Skin Care

Many, if not all, hair salons here and abroad offer skin care as part and parcel of their services. This move does not only modernize a salon but also ensures more clients coming in as many individuals also need to put attention to their skin. From glycolic peels to all natural plant peel regimen, nutrient-based masks and exfoliation, rejuvenation and rehydration, aromatherapy and acne treatment, most salon-based skin care regimen are focused on bringing back smooth and healthy skin from scalp to soles of the feet.


Many hair salon clients prefer getting a massage prior or after a scheduled hair treatment. This opens the door for the industry to extend their services from simple back, foot and hand massage to a full body massage. The main goal of most salons (aptly called spas) to offer this type of treatment is to ensure that their clients get all the services they need without the hassle of jumping from one establishment to another. Massage is quite important to busybodies as this helps relieve stress, treat muscle pain and tension, and re-energize the body.

Complete Packages

To be competitive, today’s hair salons have gone beyond the “usual” limited services in the past. Many of these establishments now offer what are aptly called “complete packages” for anyone who wishes to be pampered for the day. This is usually offered as part of a marketing tactic, special events and occasion, and seasonal promotions. This type of service often include the whole nine yards namely, haircut, treatment and styling, facial, make-up, manicure and pedicure after a foot and hand spa treatment, and full body massage.

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