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Top Retro Hairstyles for 2016

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If there is one awesome thing about retro hairstyles, it would be that they never go out of style. Each year, hairstyles from the 20s, 60s or 70s always come back to grace red carpet events bringing time and again a new trend that is only a revival of the old. When you want to look like Marilyn Monroe or Shirley Temple then don a retro hairstyle. Here are some of the most notable hairstyles that are making a comeback in 2016.

Finger Waves

The era of Marilyn Monroe truly is timeless. The finger wave hairstyle is actually a brainchild of the 20s and early 30s. This sultry looking hair actually lends its unique style from a look that involves a lot of curling of hair between fingers while it’s still wet. It is combed in alternating directions before it is set in place with a mousse or styling gel. Soft and feminine, this is a hair salon favorite that celebrities also love. To make it look modern, try to loosen up those waves a bit to achieve a flowy yet touchable look.

Teased Side-Pony or Go Big With Bouffants

Retro 60s is all about volume and it’s definitely back this year. To achieve a modern look you can go either a bouffant hairstyle or a teased side-pony—with a twist. Instead of a huge crown grazing your head, it would be better to try teasing the side-pony a little less to achieve a voluminous yet not too baggy look. To get a perfect half-a-bouffant, spend less time backcombing hair and save on the hairspray.

Double the Trouble

Gwen Stefani wins when it comes to the double buns retro hairstyle. Fun and spunky, this style gives an aura of a confident fun-to-hang-out-with lass ready to take on anything that’s thrown her way. For an edgier and more modern look, style your hair with a hair gel that delivers a sleek semi-wet look complete with straight parts and tucked-in ends. You do not have to look grungy with a double bun. With this modern twist, you can easily make it a glam hairstyle that can be worn anytime anywhere.

Short-Flirty Hair

Audrey Hepburn is renowned for her beauty. The short hair aptly called pixie cut is also her trademark hairstyle that became a worldwide sensation in the late 50s ushering to the era of supermodels like Twiggy and Charlie’s Angel Mia Farrow. It was an era where women have emerged classier, sleeker and more confident in their capabilities. Today’s pixie cut, however, is one that’s done with flair. Spike up your shorty-short hair and part it in more ways than one. Add highlights or color your hair in a fiery shade to make you look more edgy


Another popular 60s hairstyle is the wavy bob. Supermodels and celebrities alike have opted for this short bob because it simply works on all hair textures. It does not only work on curly and wavy hair but also on those that are straight as a pin. Simply blow-dry, scrunch it with your fingertips and spritz with your favorite spray, and you are good to go! This is the ultimate hair salon style that fits busybodies as it doesn’t require much styling. Well, it’s actually done to make one’s hair look a bit messy. Definitely, not a Jean Harlow cut.

Rolled-Back Updo

Step back to the 1940s with this elegant and pretty-as-honey Victory curls. With lace, silk and full skirts going back in style, this retro European updo will make a definite comeback in 2016. To give it edgier, rolls are styled by hair salon experts in such a way that they are not too tight or too stiff for comfort. This way, you get to have a hairstyle that’s sexy yet less tedious than that of decades past.


You do not have to be a factory worker to don a scarf updo or “love Lucy” to rock this look. Though this is a hairstyle that’s best for summer the spring of 2016 will definitely be filled with scarves in tribal, flirty floral or sleek animal prints.

Truly, there is something exciting and invigorating about retro hairstyles. With this popular hairstyles coming back to be immortalized in 2016, you can finally express your love for any of these retro classics. Simply head-off to your nearest hair salon to get the final nod from an expert stylist and begin your new year with a bang.

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