Top 10 Questions About Hair Answered

Believe it or not, men have more questions and issues about hair than women. This is because most men will be losing them. Survey says that 57.3% of hair topics searched on the internet involve questions on male hair loss.

While the majority of women only worry about the style, color, cut or texture that best fit them, men are worried about not having anything left to style, cut, color or apply texture on. Men are bound to lose hair and gain face or rather, lose face.

Here are the top questions Googled on the internet:

1. Will all men lose their hair?

Not all men will lose their hair. Only 74% of men will experience male pattern baldness.

Every man will have a different degree of hair loss. Not everyone who starts losing hair will lose everything. There are those that only recede to a certain degree and there are those who will go all the way.

2. Why do men lose hair?

Most men can blame their genes because baldness is a genetic disorder that is hereditary. Most men develop high levels of 5-alpha reductase that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone which shrinks hair follicle causing it to thin and fall off.

3. Who is to blame?

Studies have shown that hair loss is passed on from your mother’s side of the family. So if your father is bald, it doesn’t mean that you will be balding too. Check your uncles and grandpa from your mother’s side and see your fate.

4. When do you start losing your hair?

25% of men due for hair loss start losing their hair at the age of 21. Hair loss will be very visible at age 35 for 66% of the men due for hair loss. For 90% of the men due for hair, it will be very noticeable at age 50.

5. How much hair will fall off?

The amount of hair loss depends on the person but it will start at the hairline where it recedes to form an “M” shape, typically called a “widow’s peak”. It will also start at the top.

For those who are due for extreme hair loss, the baldness from the top will meet up with the receding hairline.

6. Will stress hasten the balding process?

Stress will trigger hair loss and if the person is due for baldness, you can say that stress will expedite the balding process. But, if the person is not due for balding, the hair loss from stress could be a temporary ordeal.

Studies have shown that there are cases where hair lost due to stress regrew a few months after the stress levels were controlled.

7. Does using shampoo too often contribute to baldness?

Using shampoo too often removes the natural oils that are needed to keep your hair healthy.

The cleaning process of shampoo works by removing the natural oils on your hair that hosts the dirt and odor. While your hair is cleansed of dirt and odor, shampooing makes your hair dry and unhealthy.

The solution is a compromise between hair health and hygiene. Shampoo no more than 3 times a week.

Too much shampooing can cause hair fall. But if a person is not due for balding, the hair should grow back after the frequency of shampooing is corrected. If a person is due for balding, the abuse would have hastened the process.

8. Does wearing a hat or cap contribute to baldness?

Wearing a cap inhibits fresh air to flow through the hair strands causing dryness and suffocation. Just like washing with shampoo too often, it will cause damage to your hair and temporary or permanent hair loss will be the consequence.

9. Is there a cure for hair loss?

If it’s just temporary hair loss, the hair lost will regrow once you have corrected the unhealthy hair care practice.

If it’s a predestined hair loss process, then there are cosmetic remedies. There are products and procedures that claim to generate positive effects to hair regeneration but, there is no scientific proof that there’s such an occurrence.

10. What are the options?

Acceptance is the best option. It’s either you won’t lose your hair or you won’t.

There are men who have suffered anxiety and loss of confidence with their hair loss and there are those who have learned to live with it.

But, the most admirable ones are those who have embraced it and have become more confident and attractive for it.

Take the case of Sean Connery. Sean Connery was stunning as James Bond with his full hair. But, he is more distinguished as how he appears now. With his full beard and receded hair line, he is sexier and more appealing.

Instead of hiding under a cap or toupee go to a hair professional like Fantastic Sams and reinvent yourself. Believe that you’ve only just begun looking your best.

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