You Might Be Losing Hair Because of These Surprisingly Bad Hair Habits

According to science, it’s normal for women to lose about fifty to a hundred strands of hair daily. This is why if you see a few strands on your shower drain, you shouldn’t freak out. It’s also normal to see some on your comb or even your elastic hair tie as you try to fix your ‘do in the middle of the day.

What’s not normal is when you lose clumps of hair when you run your fingers through your hair or if you find a hairball on your pillow in the morning. A large clump of hair falling from your head when you shower can be alarming, too.

It’s also very easy to tell if your hair is already thinning. Aside from the visible change it can do to your appearance, you’ll also feel it when you touch your hair.

This can really be disconcerting because, for most people, their tresses are huge parts of their identities. If you’ve also had a healthy head of hair for as long as you can remember, losing lots of hair can be scary.

But should you really be alarmed by severe hair loss? Can you do something about it? In many cases, this issue is highly preventable. So if you want to know whether you can still keep your hair’s volume and luster or not, get to know the habits that you can stop doing to keep your hair from falling out.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Before we get into the very habits that can cost you your hair, you might want to know what the common causes of hair loss are. There are actually tons of reasons why you shed your hair apart from it being a normal bodily process.

For one, genetics tend to be the most common cause of this issue. If your parents have thinning hair as they age, there are good chances that your hair will get thinner as you age, too. Certain health conditions also have hair loss as a symptom. So if you happened to notice that you’re losing hair alongside a number of other things, it’s best to get checked by a doctor.

If you don’t have any of these two things, then there’s a good chance that it’s your habits that are causing your hair to fall out.

7 Surprising Habits that Could Be Causing Your Hair Loss

What exactly are these habits that can cause your hair loss? Here are a few:

1. Stressing out

Stress may seem like the most common experience among people, but it actually has a major impact on your body. It can affect your sleep, weight, and overall health. This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it can cause your hair to fall out too. It’s very important to effectively deal with stress, especially if you’re already experiencing hair loss because of it.

2. Tight hairstyles

Putting your hair up in a tight bun, braid, or ponytail are some of the ideal things to do when you want your locks out of your face and your way. However, doing it all the time can take a toll on your tresses. The constant tugging it will cause to your roots can result to traction alopecia so make sure to loosen up your hairstyle if you don’t really need it to stay put all the time.

3. Using the wrong products

Certain shampoo ingredients can cause irritation to your scalp and damage your locks. These can result in or exacerbate hair loss so it’s very crucial to choose the right hair care products. And if you’re already struggling with the condition, opting for Nizoral, L’emarie, and other hair loss shampoo brands can help you.

4. Using a lot of heat on your hair

It’s no secret that heat can damage your hair up to the point that it can kill some of it. Frequent hot showers and heat styling can do this, so make sure to avoid both as much as possible.

5. Improper drying

According to experts, all that rubbing and tugging at your wet hair using your towel can also cause hair loss. To avoid this, try squeezing or blotting out the excess moisture using your towel instead.

6. Excessive scalp scratching

Scratching your head from time to time might be no big deal, but if you do it very frequently and if you even pick at the dried skin on your scalp, it can also cause hair loss. Doing this can irritate your scalp further and damage your hair follicles, so it can easily cause your tresses to thin out.

7. Frequent hair twirling

Lots of people play with their hair as this response can be triggered by a multitude of reasons. However, this habit can get out of hand and become an impulse control disorder which can then cause hair loss.

Guilty of any of these habits? They might just be the very reasons why you’re losing a lot of hair. Try stopping them right away and see for yourself how much your hair can improve with just a minor change.

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