How to Bid Hair Fall Goodbye

If hair is a woman’s crowning glory, then hair fall could very well be her greatest nightmare.

We’ve all experienced it to various degrees – hair falling for no reason whether you’re in the shower or running a comb through your locks. It can be negligible and harmless, but it can also be really bothersome and worrying. No woman wants to have a bald patch or lose all her hair altogether, so it’s certainly a legitimate cause of concern. However, there is no reason to panic. Preventing, reducing, and reversing hair fall or hair loss begins by understanding it completely.

Causes of Hair Fall

When you notice that you’re losing more hair than usual, keep calm and do not panic. Hair fall can be caused by a myriad of reasons, and a little self-reflection can help you narrow down these reasons and pinpoint why your hair is falling. Once you’ve identified this, it will be easier for you to take the right action.

Sometimes, the hair fall is temporary and can be caused by a specific happening. However, there are also times when hair fall can be a symptom of something worse and can only get extended over a period of time. Below are some common causes of hair fall that you should remember:

  • Hereditary factors
  • Severe stress
  • Anemia
  • Low-calorie diet
  • Lack of protein in diet
  • Vitamin A overdose
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Taking certain medications
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Intense illness
  • Chemotherapy
  • Overactive immune system
  • Physical trauma
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Pollution
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Chemical treatments
  • Damage and breakage caused by overstyling

Clearly, there is no one cause for hair fall or hair loss, and when you experience it yourself, it could be caused by any of these reasons. Going through a particularly stressful time in your life could cause hair fall in the same way that hormonal imbalance and overstyling can, so you can’t really make rash generalizations. This also means panicking is the last thing you should do.

Tips on Hair Fall Prevention

Thousands of women experience hair fall every single day, so it’s really quite a normal occurrence. However, if the hair fall reaches the point wherein there’s already pain and it’s really keeping you from doing your day-to-day duties, then you need to fight it.

The good news is, there are ways to prevent hair fall and reverse things back to normal. Here are some of them:

Stay away from heat.

From hot showers and hair dryers to curling irons and all those other styling tools, heat should be the last thing on your mind, especially if you want your hair to stop falling. Understandably, there are really times when styling calls for heat, so just make sure you limit your use.

This is because heat weakens your hair’s proteins and eventually your hair becomes brittle and dry. Further, continually burnt scalps from too much (or wrong) styling can actually damage your hair follicles permanently.

Avoid chemical treatments.

Frequently dyeing your hair as well as subjecting it to chemical straightening or perming can weaken your hair’s inner bonds and damage it further. Staying away from these treatments will help you prevent hair fall.

Avoid tight hairstyles.

There are some hairstyles that pull your hair too tight, and these must be avoided. Cornrows as well as tight ponytails and braids can lead to hair loss especially if you do it daily. Altering your hair’s natural design and pulling it back too tight can contribute to hair fall, so you want to avoid this.

Give your hair tender loving care.

Sometimes, hair is damaged because its owners could care less. If you start caring for your hair the way you should, using the right products and tools, then your hair will be healthier and less prone to falling.

Eat for healthy hair.

You can’t go wrong with a balanced diet, but consuming plenty of iron and protein will surely do the trick. Pack your diet with red meat, fish, and certain green vegetables like kale and spinach. Even for those who do not eat meat, there are other sources of protein that you can go for.

Seeking Medical Help

Prevention is good, but sometimes a cure is more of what you need.

You can do all these treatments to prevent hair fall or hair loss, but if you believe that the condition is really abnormal and you need the opinion of a professional, then seek medical help. Your doctor will be able to point you to the right direction, and even prescribe medicines if necessary.

In cases when the hair fall is a symptom of something more severe, then it’s good that you’re visiting your doctor because the condition can be detected easier. Your doctor will also be able to prescribe the treatment that’s most appropriate for your specific condition.

If you are diagnosed with a specific condition, make sure to let your hair stylist in the salon know this in advance.

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