Things You Do Everyday That Damage Your Nails

Things You Do Everyday That Damage Your Nails

Did you know that the seemingly innocent things we do on a daily basis may be causing damage to our nails?

1. Not using gloves when washing dishes.

Yes, you read that correctly. The detergent used to wash our plates and utensils can dry out the nail bed and the nails. Plus, when submerged or exposed to water, nails also swell up leading to cracking.

2. Using nail polish remover.

Granted, you don’t really use a nail polish remover everyday. But still, this product can strip away natural oils and uses strong chemicals that could break down color pigments and resins, causing brittleness in the nails.

3. Frequent use of perfume and hair sprays.

Perfume and hairspray can break down nail polish due to their alcohol content. Not only that but these things also cause dryness.

4. Using nails as tools.

We’re all guilty of this.  We use our nails to scrape off the price of an item or open a key ring, among other things.  

5. Removing your cuticles.

Some nail technicians may insist that you clip or cut your cuticles but this is not a good thing. Removing cuticles damage the nail as it is supposed to act as barrier against fungi, bacteria and yeast. Push back cuticles instead of removing them. Some might swear that your manicure won’t be the same without clipped cuticles, removing that little ring of skin at the base of your nails is actually a pretty bad idea.

6. Biting your nails.

Nail biting can cause ingrown nails and even infections. It could also cause irreversible damage to your nails and even your teeth.

7. Keeping nails long.

Long nails are likely to break, leaving you with a painful wound if it affects the nail bed. Long nails are also easily stained by ink and other things. Plus, they catch dirt, bacteria and fungi all the time.

8. Swimming frequently.

The pool has chlorine and other chemicals that can be drying to your nails. Plus, the chemicals in sunscreen also dull nail polish. Be sure to keep your nails hydrated if you swim a lot.

9. Not eating healthy foods.

A healthy diet is necessary to keep nails healthy and strong. Consume lots of protein, iron and biotin from fish, eggs, avocado and nuts. You should also make sure you are eating enough green veggies and healthy oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids to give your nails a boost.

10. Wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Shoes that are very tight create lines in your toenails. It can also trigger the nails to separate from the nail bed. Your nail technician at Dashing Diva can offer useful tips to keep your nails healthy and strong.

Generally speaking, you should make sure your nails are moisturized all the time and push back cuticles instead of cutting them.

Disinfect your files and clippers, and regularly wash your hands and feet so your nails are clean. Want to know how to find the right fit for your shoes? Check out this video:

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