Things You Should Never Do to Your Nails

Things You Should Never Do to Your Nails

If you value your nails, then experts at Nails 4 U or Regal Nails say you should stop doing these nails right now.

1. Peeling off your gel polish

Peeling off gel manicure also peels away the outer layers of your nails. Instead, soak your nails in polish remover to loosen the gel then put a lot of cuticle oil on your nails. Using the slanted edge of your orange stick (cuticle pusher) gently peel it off.

2. Cutting your cuticles

If you have a hangnail on your nail bed, getting rid of them can be painful. You often have them if you tend to cut your cuticles. So instead of doing this, apply a cuticle-removing formula and simply push back your cuticle. Remove the dead skin with a tissue.

3. Using your nails to remove your nail polish

When you chip the paint off of your nails  you are also removing tiny layers from your nail bed.

4. Getting water-based manicures.

When you soak your nails in water, they expand. Normally this is not a problem; but if you’re applying polish prior to shrinking back then it will cause the lacquer to chip faster.

5. Getting acrylic nails

Acrylics are bad for the health of your nails. The formula is super drying and suffocating the nail bed, plus the whole process of application causes indentations on the nail tips. Not to mention, these things have a lot of chemicals as well.

6. Filing nails the wrong way

Filing nails back and forth is like cutting hair using dull scissors. It causes the tip to be frayed plus you will have less control over the shape of the nails.

7. Biting nails

Biting your nails causes frayed edges and weakens them. Besides, it’s really unsanitary with all the bacteria that may be transferred to your mouth from your nails and vice versa.

8. Painting over oily nails.

Your nails should be properly hydrated but applying polish over oily nail beds will lose the integrity of your manicure. Be sure to wipe nail beds with a nail polish remover wipe before starting your base coat.

9. Stop shaking your polish.

Allowing your polish to sit for too long will cause the ingredients to separate. But if you want to mix them again, don’t shake the bottle. Instead, roll the bottle between both hands so as to not create any bubbles.

10. Using cotton balls to wipe away the polish

Cotton balls leave fuzzies and can ruin your manicure. Use paper towels instead.

11. Painting thick layers of polish

Putting a lot of layers of polish means it’ll take a long time to dry and may even cause unevenness and bubbles.

12. Putting on polish all the time.

Your nails need to breathe and recover so it’s very important that you give them breaks in between manicures.

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