Things That Damage Color Treated Hair

Things That Damage Color Treated Hair

So you just had your hair colored at SmartStyle. It looks gorgeous right now and you can’t wait to go out and show your crowning glory to your friends. But wait, if you want to keep your color treated hair shiny and healthy, it’s important to know how to take care of it and to avoid things that may damage it over time.


You probably already know that shampooing your hair every day is a no-no. But did you know that even water can wreak havoc to dyed hair? When the hair is exposed to water, the hair fiber swells and lifts the cuticle causing molecules in your hair matrix to seep out. With a compromised hair cuticle (which happens when you dye your hair) it becomes even more prone to damage. Wet your hair as infrequently as possible or apply products that repel water like coconut oil before taking a shower.

Styling Products

Hair serums and oils are designed to soften the hair and make it shiny. But regular use over long periods of time can reverse it. Many of these products contain ingredients that coat the hair’s outer layer and cause buildup which in turn attracts dirt and pollutants.

Heat Styling Tools

Hot tools may help tame the hair but they also scorch the strands as well as increase the loss of hair color. When hair is damaged, it’s more susceptible to making the hair color look dull.

UV Light

Constant and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can cause breakdown of the matrix of the hair. This worsens color fading of your hair as well as lead to brittle, dry and unhealthy hair.

Avoid exposing your hair to UV light but if you have to go out, always cover your hair with a scarf or a wide brimmed hat. It’s also recommended that you apply a hydrating mask before tying or braiding your hair.

Not Using Conditioning Products

Hair conditioners including hair masks are necessary to keep the hair soft and hydrated. When hair is extremely damaged from bleaching or drastic color changes, you need to keep it as strong and healthy as possible so that the strands can hold on to the color. The use of hair masks and other conditioning products is essential to achieve this.

Skipping Trims

The ends of your hair have withstood chemical processing and heat damage the most. They get more damaged over time which is why it’s important to trim them. Not only will this prevent split ends but will also make sure your hair’s fresh color remains the same throughout. Get a trim every 10-12 weeks for the best outcome.

Coloring your hair can enhance your facial features and make you look younger. But be sure to avoid the things we’ve mentioned above so your hair color will last as long as possible and not cause further damage to your hair.

Here are some things to know if you have colored your hair:

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