What Are the Usual Questions We Ask to Know How to Care for Our Colored Hair?

Most people are usually very generous in giving out their best kept secrets when it comes to hair care. It really won’t hurt to follow the advice of the majority because they really are right most of the time.

Most of the exchange of information was overheard from hair stylists every time we visit hair salons like Hair Mechanix and MasterCuts.

We gathered ten of the most common questions and how the experts in caring for hair color answer them.

It is never too late to learn something new and relearn the usual tricks which have been taught to us when we were young but we didn’t always listen.

Today, preventing damage on our colored hair is achievable. We just need to remember all the questions which was raised today.

What Should I Eat to Keep My Hair Healthy?

Just like everything else, healthy hair starts from within. What we eat can manifest from our outer appearance so we need to feed our hair wisely. 

Salmon and mackerel are rich in fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids which can nourish the hair. Walnuts which are rich in Vitamin E can help prevent dry and brittle hair and is perfect for caring for colored hair which is prone to damage

What Must I Do Before I Jump in a Pool? 

Chlorine will not only turn your colored hair into slimy green. It will dry out and fade its color quickly. It is important to apply conditioner and twist it neatly in a bun so it can try to protect itself from the chemicals which are about to soak itself in. This technique slows down the process and will wick it a little.

How Can I Protect Myself from the Sun?

They say that cloudy weather are more harmful to our skin and hair than direct sunlight because the shade gives the effect of a magnifying glass which can start a fire using just the sun.

It’s a must that we apply UV protection on our hair which can easily get damaged by the scorching heat of the sun.

Why Air Dry Is Better than Blow Dry?

All that heat from blow-dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs 

can result in loss of moisture and radiance and more damage. It is always better to just let the air dry our hair.

What Are Hair Masks For?

5-10 minutes of masking twice a week can heal the hair from any damage and help nourish it and help repair damage, increase shine and n keep the hair color longer.

Why Should We Protect Our Hair from Heat?

We need to minimise our hair’s exposure to heat when styling. It is best to just limit the use of hair dryers, curling and straightening iron to special occasions only. All that damage the hair gets from all that heat is irreversible and can only be improved by cutting the damaged hair. If you can’t help but style your hair that way, at least apply some heat protection sprays which can reduce heat damage. 

Why Should We Always Use Conditioners?

Hair tends to become more brittle and fragile from all that styling. Fading is faster when the damage starts to manifest itself.

Oils, butters, conditioning polymers and other hydrating elements that make conditioners help form a protective barrier and protect the hair from unavoidable damage caused by styling and dyeing.

What Should I Remember When Picking a Shampoo? 

Regular shampoos can wash away hair colour and accelerate its fading.

This is the reason why colour protective shampoo was invented. 

It actively protects hair colour, helping to keep its pastel, vivid or metallic shade looking beautiful and vibrant. Always choose a “low sulphate” shampoo as it washes out lesser colour from our hair.

Is it Okay to Skip Shampoo and Jump Straight to Using Conditioner?

Skipping shampoo and jumping straight to the conditioner adds softness, shine and caring nourishment – all without washing that hair colour and nutrients away.

Why Should We Wash Our Hair Less Frequently?

We must wash our hair less frequently because the more we wash, the quicker the color will fade. It is a widely accepted truth so sometimes it’s best to just skip the shampoo once in a while. 

The best way to care for hair colour is to wash only once or twice a week. It is also advisable to soak up oil from those roots with leave on conditioner when needed.

To sum up, all the information we learned here had been passed on from several generations of hair care specialists and what has been known a long time ago may still be applicable today surprisingly. I guess the basics are real simple and we have no reason not to follow.

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