The Most Popular Hair Colors Right Now

The Most Popular Hair Colors Right Now

Coloring your hair means having to give it extra love and attention. It’s going to require some maintenance for sure. But if you want to change your look then a new hair color is in order.

There are many options you can choose from and you can always ask your stylist at Borics for suggestions. But if you want the hottest trends on hair color right now, check out this list.

1. Curlights

Highlighted curls come is a trend right now and it may be around for a while. To make sure you don’t damage your strands or lose the pattern of your curls, make sure to tell your stylist to choose the curls that you want to pop when highlighting your hair. Of course, experienced hairstylists would already know this.

2. Midnight Brunette

At the opposite end of the spectrum is long dark hair. Megan Fox’s brunette hair color continues to be a popular choice. Keep your hair shiny and healthy if you’re opting for this color.

3. Expensive Blonde

The icy blonde hair color continues to dominate. Go for highlights and base that create a creamy blonde shade similar to Paris Hilton’s.

4. Cali-Cool Highlights

Hailey Baldwin Bieber is one of the celebrities we look to for what’s currently hot and her expensive brunette hair color was a major hit. Now she’s opting for a darker version of the balayage. Add depth at the roots and soften the contrast between base color and highlights, with lighter highlights to frame the face.

5. Girl-Next-Door Copper

The pale strawberry hair color is currently in vogue. If you already have red hair, you can add highlights or even a blonde base color to make it stand out.

6. Vivid Overlays

Create depth to your hair by having vivid undertones and a natural color base.

7. Toasted Caramel

Go for a brunette hair color with warm shades like auburn, caramel or copper to give the hair more dimension.  

8. Long Ombré

It’s similar to the traditional ombre look except that you’re extending the root area.

9. Anime Pink

Bright hues are still in style and currently, clients are opting for bright pink and other colors that make a statement.

10. Auburn Spice

Spice up brunette hair by coloring them with an auburn shade.

11. Dimensional Copper

If you want to turn heads, going for a copper hair color is what you need. What’s great about this shade is that it works for all skin tones. You can add highlights that will frame your face as well.

12. Soft-Girl Brown

If you want a more subtle hair color, the soft brown can work to give the hair dimension and movement. Here’s a video guide to help you choose the right hair color for you:

How To Choose The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone?

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