Balayage, Ecaille or Ombre: Which One Suits Me Best?

Balayage, ecaille, and ombre are making the rounds in the hair styling world as many stylists, color experts and salon professionals try to capture trendy celebrity styles. While it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by how evolving hairstyles are, a style newbie may be caught off guard as to what she is up for. Maybe her friends got her to try it or she was inspired by how good it looked on Khloe Kardashian; whatever the reason maybe, it is best to be armed with knowledge before trying on any look.

So before getting that appointment at Carlton, be sure to read up on the following to widen your knowledge about the different hair coloring techniques available today.

Definition of Hair Terms

Balayage – this French word, which means “to sweep” or “to paint” is basically more about how the hair dye color is applied rather than what the end result will be. The technique is to sweep the hair brush tip vertically to touch only the front of the hair. It creates highlights that mimics the color of the hair when shined upon by the sun. These are called the “baby highlights” because it can be compared to how the natural hair of a child looks like under the sun.

Ombre – this trend made its debut last 2014, picking up on popularity during the summer, where beach waves and loose curls are all the rave. It incorporates the blending in of colors, from a darker shade to something lighter as the color change reaches the tips. The “rainbow” and “blue streak” donned by Hilary Duff and Katy Perry are the best example of its variation.

Ecaille – the youngest trend out of the three, this trend can be called as the combination of balayage and ombre. The ecaille technique combines slightly richer caramel tones with ambers, finishing off with honey blondes to achieve a lighter end. It makes the harsh ombre look softer and more sophisticated.

Are These Styles for Me?

If you are looking for a big change this season, then trying these different hair trends is the way to go. Besides, most of the techniques are best done on “virgin” hair, a term used by stylists on manes that have never been touched by hair color or hair treatment, because the hair will look more natural and healthier.

What are the Best Haircuts for These Trends?

These techniques work best on loose curls or beach-inspired waves with a tousled finish as flowing hairstyles showcase the color variations best, making it more blended, dreamy and spot on. Furthermore, these techniques allow the hair to cascade freely, giving it an effect similar to waterfalls. If you want to achieve a pixie cut or a bob, then do not try any of these hairstyles because the purpose and your effort will be wasted.

When to Copy the Hairstyle

If you want to look like you have several colors in your hair, experimenting with how the different shades will look in contrast to a dark root, then ombre is the hair color for you. It is “zero maintenance”, which means you can let your roots grow darker as it only intensifies the look even further.

If you want to still look ombre but in a softer, more defined highlights, then the balayage hair technique is for you. This versatile application method is an art in itself and should be done only by a professional to avoid looking like a mess.

If you want a fusion of ombre and balayage but maintaining a natural-looking mane, then the ecaille is for you. Highly sophisticated and can be made suitable to any skin tone, this latest trend is making the ombre look harsh while the balayage too strived.

Top Tips for Hair Maintenance

Find a shampoo that is less sudsy to avoid over clogging the hair with too much chemicals and moisturizers that can cause build-up, dandruff and clumping. It is best to use sulfate-free shampoos as they are considered organic, healthy and earth-friendly.

Avoiding keeping wet hair in a towel to prevent frizz and untamed hair. It is better to squeeze out the excess water after taking a shower and letting it air-dry for at least five minutes before giving it a blow dry.

Giving hair a quick, cold water shot before getting out of the shower seals hair cuticles, leaving locks healthier, shinier and more lustrous.

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