The 10 Hairstyles that Removes 10 Years from Your Age

Do you still remember the days when you used to sport pigtails and bouncy ponytails while trying to memorize the cheer routine? Or maybe the braided hair you had with a ribbon tied at the base when you had your first date? Or how about the modern chignon you’ve worn on your wedding?

While nostalgia is a tricky feeling to entertain as it brings back so many memories, both sad and happy, that you feel overwhelmed in the end and you are not sure why. You try to look for the missing piece when suddenly, you’ve realized that your hairstyle is making you look old. And that’s the time you hit rock bottom.

Alcohol and cigarette smoking will not bring your youth back so instead of trying to ruin your look even further with these substances, why not dial the number of Fantastic Sam’s and make a haircut or hairstyle appointment with your favorite stylist?

Having the right hairstyle can take off 10 years from your age, especially if you welcome it with open arms and a positive outlook in life. Are you still doubtful? Then here is a list of the top ten hairstyles you should start wearing now to look younger.

Case Study #1: Amy Adams

OLDER: stuffy, stiff chignon

YOUNGER: braided and middle-parted hairdo in an up-do. Twisting the braids up in a bun will make the look more chic because wearing down will look like you’re trying too hard.

Case Study #2: Beyonce

OLDER: big, pageantry hair

YOUNGER: loose, carefree waves. To get the look, rake a dollop of mousse, spreading from roots to tips then letting it air-dry. Wrap sections around medium-barrel curling iron for at least five seconds each then run fingers through it for a perfect curls finish.

Case Study #3: Kate Moss

OLDER: droopy curls

YOUNGER: roughed-up hair, as if you’ve just gone out of bed. Pair it up with smoky eyes and a pair of leather jacket and you’ll look like a lady who’s ready to rock in a concert.

Case Study #4: Elizabeth Banks

OLDER: barrel curls, forehead flip which kind of reminds you of Allie in “The Notebook”

YOUNGER: middle part, tousled waves while rocking a shoulder-skimming lob

Case Study #5: Drew Barrymore

OLDER: single processed dark brown color

YOUNGER: lighter with darker shades of honey blonde to make an illusion of dimension and make your skin glow

Case Study #6 Mena Suvari

OLDER: baby chicken shade of yellow blonde

YOUNGER: ash blonde with subtle roots

Case Study #7: Julianne Hough

OLDER: too-perfect-than-perfect bob, ending in a curve

YOUNGER: messier, beach-ready lob

Case Study #8: Jennifer Lawrence

OLDER: pixie cut that has been forgotten in time due to the shaggy, overgrown design

YOUNGER: trimmed pixie cut with side swept bangs

Case Study #9: Selena Gomez

OLDER: pouf from the hairline to the crown, adding the “old” in “old Hollywood”

YOUNGER: loose, slightly messy style, making it look like she wants to let loose and be wild. To recreate the look, after pulling your hair into a bun, run hands on the surface from back going to the front to free your flyaway hair.

Case Study #10: Cate Blanchett

OLDER: deep side part with a too perfect twisted bun, a good look for mother-of-the-bride to be

YOUNGER: rough it out, let the flyaway be free and avoid too much hair shine

Tips on How to Look Younger Using Haircuts

  • a flattering haircut will get you instant, younger looking results
  • remember that soft, face-framing shapes and lengths that skims the collar bones are the best hair types to make you look younger
  • incorporate layers as much as possible especially those shades that can flatter your features such as your eyes and skin tone
  • bring back the bangs to hide lines and again, frame the face
  • add more volume by adding layers or enhancing the thickness through hair color
  • make sure that your tips look healthy and strong by visiting your salon regularly to have it trimmed, treated or looked at
  • with age, it’s best to go lighter with hair color to give a more youthful vibe
  • suitable style like a low ponytail with volume near the crown, a messy chignon or a parting on the side

Feeling and looking young might be one of the hardest thing to do especially when you are stressed, overworked and tired. Changing up your hairstyles and giving yourself some well-deserved rest and relaxation can do a lot of wonder. But, always remember that a hairstyle can only help if you also take care of your skin, face and teeth so really, youth is all about taking care of your whole self, not just some parts of your body.

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