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Tender Loving Care for Treated Hair

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There are many hair treatments that help you have the beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of. It could be a hair dye that brings your hair to an entirely different dimension, or maybe even a rebond that removes all the frizz and keeps your hair straight and shiny all day. Perhaps it’s a perm, and you leave the salon with curls that are to be envied.

No matter what kind of treatment you’ve asked for, you have to remember that once you step out of the salon, it’s your responsibility to care for your hair and ensure that this treatment lasts.

Hair care is something that everyone should prioritize, but even more so if you’ve had hair treatments. Far from being a magic solution that can kiss all your hair troubles away, hair treatments take time and they take effort too. You need to ensure that you know HOW to take care of your treated hair. Below are some fail-proof tips on how you can give your treated hair some tender loving care:

Replace your hair products

If you’re shifting from your normal hair to chemically-treated mode, your ordinary hair products simply won’t do anymore. All the chemicals that were used to help you achieve your dream look have weakened your hair, so maintenance products like shampoo and conditioner should be packed with nutrients and moisturizers. The good news is that there are hair products that have been specifically formulated for treated hair, and you need to just pick from any of these.

Wash your hair less often

When you’ve just colored your hair, it’s best if you change your shampoo habits especially the frequency of your usage. This is because subjecting your hair to too much water, especially hot water, will strip it of its color faster. Chemically-treated hair is also weaker, and you need all the natural oils and nutrients to stay there and not be stripped off. Limit your hair washing frequency to two or three times a week, maintaining the natural oils in your scalp that will actually help you in conditioning your hair and keeping it smooth and shiny.

Turn down the temperature

Hot water and chemically treated hair do not mix, so when you’re shampooing your hair you should stick to cooler temperatures. This is tricky especially when it’s the colder months, but if you can’t do cold water you can always do lukewarm instead of hot. You should remember that hot water is bad for your chemically-treated hair, and you don’t want to further damage the hair that you’ve already altered because of the chemicals. Be kind to your hair by picking lower temperatures of water.

Mask your hair at least once a week

You can shampoo occasionally and condition more, but chances are you’re always in a hurry during work days. Your treated hair needs extra conditioning and nourishment, so you can’t just rely on your usual routine. so to ensure that your hair gets proper nourishment you need to make it a point to apply a deep conditioning mask every weekend.

Protect your hair before styling

Your hair is now more vulnerable to everything you subject it to, so you have to be extra vigilant in protecting it as well. For instance, you’re probably never going to give up your hair dryer and curling iron, even if you’ve had your hair treated already. If you can avoid these styling tools, do so. But if you really need to use them, don’t skip the products that will protect your hair from heat damage.

Block the sun

If you’ve never heard of sunblock for the hair, you will now. The intense heat from the sun as well as the UVA and UVB rays that you get from it will damage your hair like no other, leaving it dry and brittle. In the market you’ll find a number of products that will protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun: special shampoo and conditioner, defensive sprays, and balms.

Be gentle

Again, you have to remember that your hair is not as strong as it was before you treated it with chemicals. This means that you should be extra gentle when you comb your hair, brush it, or style it in the morning. Keep away from really tight ties and hairstyles that may pull on the roots extra hard. 

Keep your diet healthy

You can take care of your hair not just by the products that you place in it but also by the food that you eat. Go for nutrient-rich food that will help hair growth and keep your hair shiny. Food that’s rich in iron and protein will help build keratin and improve hair texture. You should also consume more of lean protein, egg whites, leafy greens, grains, and soy.

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