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Salon Lofts, LLC is a chain of beauty salons offering skin, nail, hair, and massage services. This Columbus, Ohio-based company was founded in 2003 and now has locations in the Greater Cleveland Area, Cincinnati, and Columbus as well as the Tampa Bay Area in Florida. What makes Salon Lofts unique among similarly-purposed salons in its class is how CEO Daniel Sadd has put his own stamp on the company.

Unlike tradition salons in which an owner hires stylists or stylists lease one or two chairs, Salon Lofts is in the business of renting out small rooms to interested stylists who want to design them any way they want. This way, according to Sadd, these stylists are able to enjoy the benefits of owning their own salons without taking any risks. Sadd then throws in an adequate amount of technology to complete the equation.

This arrangement enables stylists to customize everything, from setting their own business hours, market and advertise their own business, and implement their pricing schemes. With the Salon Lofts’ proprietary software and several web tools which they can use to grow their business, stylists are able to source their own clientele and maximize their business potential on their own circumstances.

The following Salon Lofts prices are estimates only.


Haircuts & Styles

Women's Cut & Style$50.00
Men's Cut & Style$35.00
Children's Cut (0-2 Years)$15.00
Children's Cut & Style (3-12 Years)$25.00
Bang Trim$10.00
Beard Trim$10.00
Conditioning Treatment$30.00
Conditioning Treatment (Add on Service)$20.00


Brazilian Straightening Treatment$275 and up

Coloring Services

Full Highlights + Cut + Style$150.00 and up
Full Highlights & Style$100.00 and up
Partial Highlights + Cut + Style$125.00 and up
Partial Highlights & Style$75.00 and up
Face Frame Highlights + Cut + Style$80.00 and up
Face Frame Highlights & Style$30.00 and up
Color Retouch + Cut + Style$105.00 and up
Color Retouch & Style$55.00 and up
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Cut + Style$135.00 and up
Color Retouch + Partial Foil + Style$85.00 and up
All Over Color + Cut + Style$125.00 and up
All Over Color & Style$75.00 and up
Shine Gloss + Cut + Style$105.00 and up
Shine Gloss + Style$55.00 and up
Men's Color + Cut$75.00 and up
Men's Color$40.00 and up

Formal Design

Special Occasion$65.00 and up
Bridal (Trial Run)$70.00 and up
Bridal (Day of)$75.00 and up

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Tint$20.00
Eyebrow Tint + Eyebrow Shaping$32.00
Eyebrow Shaping$17.00
Full Face (Brow, Lip, and Chin)$35.00

Disclaimer: Prices shown above have been sourced from individual salon and spa visits and other online sources. They may not cover recent changes. Contact the salon or spa directly to find the exact pricing information.

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Sadd was into commercial real estate as a developer when he purchased the business in 2003, a time when it had been open only for several month and doing just average numbers in a location not conducive to business. Sadd left the real estate industry and ventured into the beauty industry by becoming president and CEO of Salon Lofts. With Sadd at the helm, Salon Lofts has grown to over 50 locations.

From a single location, Salon Lofts now has over 50 salons in five states including Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Georgia, and Florida. This rapid growth is fueled by implementing cutting-edge and advanced technology that enables the business to leapfrog its staid competitors. The company’s proprietary software, Open Chair, is one such technology. The internet helps bright together the buyer and seller through Open Chair.


You can go to the official website, click on any of the services – nails, skin, massage or hair – and filter that by location, service type, and price. An extensive portfolio that showcases past work is available on the website. In half a minute, you can always find the type of service you want, in a seat that’s open right in the neighborhood you live, and at the particular price you want.

Each Salon Lofts renter will have his/her specialties depending on location and preferences. On the company’s website you can see how the four services have been categorized with each one having its own roster of stylists and the services they offer including their prices. There is a store locator for the Salon Lofts nearest you which you can look up in the site map.

The site map includes all specialists within the particular location you choose such as Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton in Ohio, Tampa Bay Area and Sarasota in Florida, Indianapolis in Indiana, St. Louis in Missouri, and Atlanta in Georgia. Moreover, Salon Lofts lets you own a future salon in any of these places as well by providing you with the necessary tools to make your business operations a success.


The company counts marketing tools as one of the products it provides future loft owners. You can choose from several templates to use for customizing your messages and keep you connected to customers; you can even offer them discounts through this email marketing tool. Because Salon Lofts owns the technology, it gives its customers access to communication whenever they want.

This email tool yields a high volume of online bookings for the stylist. According to Sadd, their lofts schedule over 30,000 appointments in a month and makes over $20 million in their online bookings. The retention rate, in fact, is at 91%, a figure way above the average industry rate. This marketing approach has also been strengthened by allowing each stylist to use their chosen product line.

Salon Lofts offers only two products what might also be considered services: web-based proprietary management of your own salon and the marketing tools to help support your management by keeping you in touch with your own clients. You can expect both products after signing up with Salon Lofts and getting your loft which, as mentioned, you may decorate as you like.

As a Salon Lofts partner, you can manage each of your client’s information including the history of provided services, color formulas and other products that your client uses, and the frequency of a client’s visits. This is possible with their Open Chair product which makes it easy for an experienced professional to enjoy a salon owner’s benefits minus the typical risks.

To set up an appointment with Salon Lofts, please visit their official site at

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