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Seven Reasons to Choose Great Clips

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Planning to have your hair trimmed? Want to change your hair color or add some highlights to it? Choosing a hair salon can be an overwhelming experience. But there are hair salons that know how to cater to your whims and quirks—and Great Clips is one of the best there is.

Considered as one of the world’s largest hair salon chains in the world, Great Clips continues to achieve remarkable growth amid a highly volatile service industry as seen in the number of franchises that opened in the past couple of years. But aside from that, the number of loyal customers of the said hair salon has also been growing at a steady pace. Perhaps, the following points can best explain why it continues to be the preferred hair salon in 50 states.

1. Topnotch Customer Service

Great Clips’ “customer first” attitude has always been its most defining element in becoming the number one hair salon in the country. If you have been with the establishment for a year or two, it is evident that you have enjoyed its remarkable customer service. From paying attention to your needs and demands, to giving helpful suggestions on how to grow, style or cut your hair, they provide these and more. Many of the salon’s stylists even go the extra mile of calling you up for a repeat service like say, a hair color or rebonding session that’s long overdue. Being remembered long before your tresses are swept off its floor is tantamount to being considered a VIP, even if you are not, and that makes the whole Great Clips experience a total gem.

2. Complete Services

Being treated like a queen, however, is not the only thing that will cement one’s loyalty to Great Clips. Complementing the brilliance of its customer service is the hair salon’s quality and complete array of services to cater to your hair styling and other beauty needs. While getting a hair spa or hot oil, a customer can also enjoy getting their nails done. And not just complete services! This is one hair salon that guarantees quality results.

3. Reasonable Price

Many believe that visiting a hair salon is really expensive but this is not so with Great Clips as it offers complete services at reasonable prices. It offers competitive pricing scheme as well as special rates for children and senior citizens as well as children and individuals with special needs. From simple haircuts to quality perming and styling services, each and every franchise salon of Great Clips offer prices conducive to individuals who want the best in everything without spending too much.

4. Zen-Like Hair Salon Design

Isn’t the idea of going to a hair salon often considered a day of relaxation? This is precisely the reason why the chain of salons under Great Clips have interiors specifically designed to radiate a hassle-free and cozy atmosphere. Many loyal clients appreciate the salon’s laid-back and fuss-free interiors.

5. Very Clean and Hygienic

Unlike other hair salons, Great Clips hair salons are always presentable and clean. The interiors are maintained to its full glory akin to polishing a precious gem day in and day out. Seats and shower stalls are maintained accordingly, too. The most important part, however, is in the unique sterilization technique that the salon does to all its tools particularly those that will be exposed to client’s skin and scalp. Here, you are guaranteed safe and uncontaminated tools.

6. One-Stop-Hair-Shop

Great Clips offer services not just for women but also men and kids. Offering complete services catering to the whole family, everyone can go all at once and have their hair cut, styled, permed, rebonded or what-have-you all at once. From you and your spouse to the kids and even the grannies and grandkids, this is one hair salon that delivers topnotch services consistently and without any fuss.

7. Promotions

Another awesome aspect of Great Clips is its unending promotions. It is one of the few beauty salon chains in the country that give discount coupons and free services year-round. Seasonal price cuts as well as special packages are also being offered to ensure that their clients get the best services available at a bargain.

On top of all these reasons, the level of professionalism that Great Clips stylists and personnel offer is also commendable. Only a few hair salons maintain such good reputation and, in all of the them, Great Clips remains the leader.

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