Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist before Getting a Hair Cut

The perfect hairstyle entirely depends on the dialogue of the stylist and customer before the commencement of the hair cutting service.

Usually, an experienced hairstylist will control the dialogue in such a way that the customer will be able to clearly specify what she wants. It will then progress to providing the customer with the assurance that the hairstylist is clear about what the customer wants and is able to deliver the desired results.

Though you can expect this much from a reputable salon, it is best to have a set of prepared questions to throw just in case the salon personnel falls short on the ideal dialogue.

Here are the important questions to ask before the haircut:

What are the latest hair trends?

Whether you already have a specific hairstyle in mind or everything is still exploratory when you get to the salon, you have to ask the stylist about the fashion trends. Asking the latest trends is like asking what’s available on the menu. Asking this question will at least give you a rundown on what hairstyles the stylist actually knows and can deliver. He is unlikely to mention what he can’t do and miss the ones that he can.

Also, checking on a fashion magazine on what a certain hairstyle looks like is very important so that both customer and stylist are assured that they are talking about the same style. Besides, seeing the hairstyle on another person will give you an idea if it actually looks good or it just sounds cool.

Your choice may be part of the latest hair trends or it could be more traditional. Whatever it is, a salon should be able to provide a picture so that everything will be clear before any single strand of hair is cut.

When you finally decide on the hairstyle, the next question will be…

Will that look fit you?

While you may already have a style in mind, it would still be best to ask for a professional opinion.

Hairstylists are commercial beings that will deliver exactly what you want, no questions asked but, they are also artists who care about what looks good and what is off. They won’t tell you straight on that what you had in mind won’t fit you. They will probably make another suggestion if they feel something will suit you better.

You have to consider that all suggestions are made with the best intentions. No professional hairstylist will be push for what they want and will only volunteer opinions when requested.

So, take advantage of their expertise and experience. Ask for their opinion.

When you have weighed the hairstylist’s recommendation versus your own preference and have finally decided on what you’ll have, the question that follows is…

Is that style doable?

Only a hair professional from a seasoned salon such as Holiday Hair Salon can give you a rundown on the procedures that are involved to achieve the look you want based on what you have on right now.

Will it involve perming or straightening? Will it involve cutting or just styling? Is your current hair condition ready for that style? Will the style fit you better with a certain hair color or texture?

There are so many variables to consider. Professional hairstylist would normally lay all these things down to you even without with asking for them but, just in case you go to a less experienced salon and they forget to explain all these, you have to ask these yourself. It’s important to know exactly what they are going to do with your hair.

When you are agreeable with the procedure, you have to know one last thing.

How will you maintain it every day?

Leaving Holiday hair with your chosen hairstyle is no problem. What might be a problem is if you cannot make yourself look the same way the following day when you wake up.

You have to ask the stylist how your daily hair maintenance routine will be like if you want the same salon finish look every day.

Then you have to decide if you are willing to do it on a daily basis or you’re not, whether you can actually do it, or you can’t.

Spending that money on a hairstyle will be useless of you cannot maintain the look on a daily basis. Much worse, the cut and style might look horrible if unkempt and unset.

Whether you already have a hairstyle in mind or you are still window shopping for one that you are interested in sporting, going to the right salon will spell out a satisfying outcome or a disappointing one.

One thing to remember, there are no quick fixes to a haircut. You have to wait for them to grow longer before you can make a remedy. So, be clear with what you want or to play it safe, go to a salon that will make sure they know exactly what you want.

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