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Quick & Easy Hairstyling Hacks that Will Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Thought of It First

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It’s no secret that it takes a good amount of effort to look nice. This is particularly true when it comes to styling your hair. If it was too easy to make one’s locks look presentable on a daily basis, no one will have to have a bad hair day, right?

This is the very reason why a lot of people are always looking for beauty hacks to make the ordeal a little simpler. If there’s a way to make styling your hair easier and faster, it’s certainly worth a shot.

To help you make your prep time simpler, we’ve rounded up a few hairstyling hacks that you might find useful. Check them out below:

Dab Some Peppermint Oil at the Back of Your Neck when Blowdrying

Hate how sweaty you get after blow drying your hair? Grooming expert Jonathan van Ness recommends dabbing some peppermint oil at the back of your neck before you start using heat on your locks to dry them up. This will help cool you down and let you dry your tresses without ending up with them wet with sweat.

Use Your Sauna Time to Deep Condition Your Locks

Love going to the sauna to remove the toxins from your body? You can also take the time you spend there to deep condition your locks without exerting too much effort. You just need to apply the conditioner of your choice into your hair and then let it sit the entire time you’re in the heated rooms. According to experts, the heat and the time the conditioner is sitting on your hair allows its ingredients to get nicely absorbed by your locks.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Lots of experts say that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday as doing so can strip your hair of its natural oils. If the very reason why you don’t want to do this is because your hair gets greasy, it’ even more important for you to stop washing your tresses everyday.

Daily hair washing can be the very reason why your hair is oily as it overcompensates for the dryness of your roots and scalp. By stopping this activity, your hair can adjust accordingly and your scalp’s oil production don’t have to go into an overdrive.

Not washing your locks everyday can also make your prep time a lot simple. Since you don’t need to wash, condition, and dry your hair everyday, you can save a lot of time and effort in styling your hair before stepping out of the house.

Grab Some Spin Pins

Instead of using regular bobby pins when putting your hair up in a bun, use spin pins. These hair tools will provide better hold of your hair and are way easier to use in such occasions. The fact that they’re bigger than bobby pins make them more efficient for this task, too.

Swap Your Blow Dryer and Flat Iron with a Hot Air Brush

In all honesty, drying your hair can take the most time when preparing to go out. This explains why blow dryers continue to be must-have hair styling items around the globe.

Unfortunately, blow drying your hair can also be a difficult task. It takes some expert skill and maneuvering to make the most out of this tool. A lot of people find them hard to work with.

So as an alternative, why not opt for a hot air brush. Unlike other heat styling tools like flat irons, they won’t clamp down on your hair which can cause the moisture inside the strands to boil. While these brushes still apply heat directly to your hair, it’s not at the same degree as flat irons so they’re deemed safer for your locks.

You might even find models that blow hot air instead of having heated bases and bristles. These can be the safest and easiest options and will surely make drying your hair a breeze.

Tame Flyaways with a Toothbrush

Want to achieve a sleek look but have tons of short hairs that stick out? Grab a toothbrush, spray it with some hairspray, and then use it to brush down the flyaways. Its small size will give you precise and light application of the hairspray so it can hold down your locks without making it stiff all over.

Spritz Hairspray on Bobby Pins for a Better Hold

If you struggle with your hair grips losing their grip when your locks start to get oily, then this hack is for you. All you need to do is to use some hairspray on your bobby pins before putting them on and you’re good to go. It will then cling nicely to your hair.

See Your Hairstylist

In need of more hair hacks or in need of a quick transformation for a big day? Just see your hairstylist from Salon Lofts and you’re good to go. These pros will make it way easier for you to prepare for a special occasion.

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