The 10 Best Prom Hairstyles

Prom season is four months away and while it may sound too far off, it’s best to be prepared. By this time, you have probably scouted for the perfect dress to show off your curves and the best hairstyle to go with it because, let’s face it, prom is one of those events that you will experience once in a lifetime. And truth be told, it may sound cheesy and ridiculously sappy, you wouldn’t want to look back and say, “Yikes! What was I thinking?”

These disastrous looks can be prevented if only you did your research. At this day and age, all you need to do is search the Internet and voila, instant inspiration. If you still need some help, here is 50 hairstyles to get you inspired before setting an appointment at Regis Salon. From trendy, classic to romantic, these hairstyles will truly satiate whatever vibe you want for that one night you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

1. Bright & Colorful Bob

Make bright and rainbow strands pop best with a classic, neat bob. To achieve the look, blow dry hair using a small brush, curl the ends going under, then brush bangs to one side. Finish the look off by straightening strands with flat iron and apply a little bit of hair serum to get rid of any frizz.

2. Soft & Sexy Tease

Make prom night your time to shine with an updated up-do. To get the look, create a side part, leaving off your bangs. Brush to one side then gently comb your hair moving backwards until you reach the crown of your head. This will create a semi-teased, semi-lifted look.

Next, gather all your hair going to one side of your ear then secure the hair with bobby pins, from the nape going to the neck. Roll hair inward back against the secured bobby pins, creating a twist. Set with hairspray and finish off with a little bit of shine.

3. Roman Goddess Ponytail

Look like a goddess ready to rule as Prom Queen with this trendy take on a ponytail. To achieve the look, use a fine-tooth comb to pull hair up in a sleek and tight ponytail. Tie a metallic or shiny piece of silk or cloth around the base of the ponytail then crisscross both ends of the silk or cloth until you’ve reached the tip. Knot then snip the excess silk or cloth.

4. Chic & Sassy Pouf

Look like a powerful lady on a mission with the sassiest pouf around. To create the look, put a bit of pomade directly to the hair for added shine before combing it back, with half on top and half on the crown. Secure with bobby pins.

Put up the rest of the hair into a pony tail and secure with elastics, but don’t pull it through. Instead, spread the pony like a fan and pin the edges, leaving the tips tucked in the elastic. Add more pomade for shine and to tuck away all stubborn hair.

5. Soft & Sweet Waves

Look like a younger version of Taylor Swift in her music video “Love Story” and be Juliet for the night, without dying, of course. To recreate the look, wrap sections of hair on a curling iron, roll in circular motions until the ear is reached. Hold it for ten seconds before releasing. Spritz some hairspray to keep the style in place.

6. Prima Ballerina Bun

Be the belle of the ball, err prom, by looking like the swan princess in last year’s play. Get the look by tying hair in a tight ponytail, twist to make a bun, then wrap the remaining hair under it. Smooth flyaway hair with hairspray.

7. Woven Maiden Braid

Look like a Disney princess with this simple yet classic half do. To achieve the look, gather hair from the temple until the top of ears, twist it into a French braid and secure using elastics. Wrap a piece of cloth or satin ribbon for a more princess feel.

8. The Classic High Pony

Look chic, sophisticated and elegant without trying to hard in the easiest yet classic high-fashion pony do. To channel you inner diva, make sure to put serum first to make your hair shiny and glossy. Then, gather all your hair into a high ponytail before securing tightly with an elastic.

Wrap a section of hair around the base then securely it nicely with a bobby pin. Tease the tail to make it look better before spraying some hairspray to keep it together.

9. The Pin-Up Retro Star

Look like a 1950 sultry actress by channeling a vintage vibe in this pin-up inspired hairstyle. To recreate the look, add mousse on damp hair before blow drying using a paddle brush for volume. Create a side parting then take the larger portion and curl by wrapping hair on a curling iron.

Continue rolling until hair is all curled up. Backcomb the fringe slightly before styling up, away from the hair. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

10. Sleek, Shiny, Straight

The easiest and simplest look may go a long way. To achieve the look, apply serum on hair before brushing with a paddle brush. Take natural parting of hair, comb thoroughly before spraying some hairspray to make it look nice and sleek.

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