Nume Straightener Review

Straightening your naturally curly hair can be a chore. With the Silhouette Nume Straightener, fortunately, you will find that it becomes more of a joy and less of a chore – and that, in itself, is a valid reason to buy it.

Nume is a well-known brand of hairstyling products including the Silhouette hair straightener, certainly one of the best of its kind in the market. Such is the appeal of luscious, lustrous and lovely hair that the Silhouette is apparently among Nume’s most popular products, which comes as little surprise considering the popularity of sleek straight hair on the runways.

Product Specifications

The straightener has the following technical specifications that interested individuals should take note of for safety reasons.

  • Temperature control ranging from 140°F to 410°F (60°C to 210°C)
  • 50-60Hz
  • Dual-voltage 110-240V
  • 105W in the United States and 60W in Canada
  • Available only with a US Plug (A)
  • Plate has dimensions of 3-5/8 x 1”
  • Cord length of 6 feet
  • Unit weight of 1 lb. 12 oz.


The bestselling Silhouette straightener has features that make it easy to use and allow it to deliver great results in terms of sleek straight hair or curly tresses. Among these features are:

  • 100% solid ceramic plates coated with tourmaline ensuring quick and even heat distribution for a smoother glide and soft touch finish
  • Unique alignment system designed to achieve even heat distribution across both plates
  • Negative ion and infrared heat technology combined in the unit


The Silhouette styling tool’s 100% solid ceramic plates are designed to ensure even heat distribution, which means chipping and hot spots can be eliminated. Keep in mind that hot spots result in uneven straightening or curling of hair, thus, a less-than-perfect hairstyle.

You will appreciate it, too, that the even heat distribution coupled with the negative ion and infrared technologies result in a soft touch finish from the hair’s roots to the tips. Your hair will be shinier in appearance, silkier to the touch, and healthier in appearance.

The pure ceramic also means an easy-glide property. You should not be pulling and tugging on your hair just to make it pass through the plates, which also means less passes of the iron through your hair. You will not only benefit from faster hairstyling but also from lesser heat exposure to your hair.

The Silhouette straightener can be used on all hair types, too, such as normal, oily and dry as well as naturally straight and curly. With proper use, you will be able to create gorgeous hairstyles from seductively straight to perfect curls and everything else in between, thanks to the rounded plates’ versatility. Your imagination is the only limit with the tool although emphasis must be made that hair can become damaged with prolonged exposure to heat.

Furthermore, the styling tool’s negative ion technology makes it possible to seal in the hair’s natural moisture after it has been heated by the plates. You will achieve optimum frizz-free shine that adds in to the beauty of your hairstyle, not to mention that more moisture means more bounce in your tresses.

Yet another feature that makes the Silhouette a worthwhile investment is the temperature control, which allows for variations in temperature from 140ºF to 410ºF. You will be able to choose the best temperature to style your hair depending on its type, thickness, and overall condition. You may want, for example, a higher temperature when your tresses are thicker and wavier (i.e., Afro-American hair) and a lower temperature when your hair is naturally straight (i.e., loose waves hairstyle).

Add in the salon-style swivel power cord and you will be able to achieve salon-level results in the comfort of your home. Such feature is essential considering that your hands and arms may have to assume unnatural positions to achieve the right degree of straightening or curling, especially in do-it-yourself jobs.

You will love its hot pink color, too, if you are the girly-girl type. Think of the color as the icing on the cake with the cake being good to go on its own.


Apparently, Nume does not have a refund policy in place, which a few customers grumbled about. But such a policy will be unnecessary considering that the Silhouette styling tool is a great purchase, which means no need for returns and refunds.


Nume continues to give its target customers many of the best hairstyling tools for all types of hair and the Silhouette is among the top-rated choices. You can use it for a wide range of hair types, for straightening and curling your tresses, and for casual and red carpet-worthy hairstyles in the comfort of your own home. You will recoup your investments after several uses, especially considering the expensive nature of salon services.

Just make sure that the Silhouette styling tool is used in a safe, effective and proper manner. You will still run the risk of damaging your hair from prolonged heat exposure, singeing your skin from the plates, and burning your scalp. You are well-advised to read the instructions manual, watch instructional videos, and practice on one section of your hair before going full blast with it.

The good news is that right now you can get the Silhouette Straightener for a big discount, which makes it that much of a better deal.

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