8 Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup

Chemicals in makeup have long been tagged as culprits for causing acne, irritation and dryness. In fact, such chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption and cancer. What will happen in case you skip wearing makeup for at least a week?

Makeups Have Been Used for Hundreds of Years

Since time immemorial, women loved using cosmetics. Women in renaissance Europe applied powder over their tanned skin so as to hide the truth that they belong to the agricultural class while the Japanese geisha applied rice flour so as to whiten their faces. While it is true that our forefathers may have obtained the appearance they desired, what they actually did is poison themselves in the process. They whitened their skin with things that contain mercury and lead.

Of course, time has changed and the process of manufacturing makeup has already been enhanced. What do experts say about the effects of using makeup? It depends. Using many layers every single day would mean you’ll be absorbing various chemicals. What chemicals and how much actually vary from product to product and person to person.

Be Diligent in Wearing Makeup

It’s good that makeups are mostly worn only on the faces. This would mean only a small portion of the body surface is exposed to any absorption. If you’re diligent in removing your makeup in the evening as well as not wearing the same around the clock, then that would be best.

You can obtain the following benefits when you take a break from wearing makeup:

1. Your skin gets healthier and cleaner

Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup - Healthy SkinMakeups are toxic and everything that you apply on your skin can be absorbed by your body. The fact remains that mainstream makeup companies are using chemicals which are known to cause cancer. These items are treated as poison by the body. So, the moment you ditch the goo, it would a lot easier for you to maintain a clean-feeling, glowing complexion.

2. More time for other important activities

Applying makeup is time-consuming especially if you are the meticulous type who always sees to it that every line or every stroke matches the contours of the face. When you stop adding toxic elements in the form of makeups, this would mean less time consumed in front of your mirror.

Time is important it certainly flies quickly. Don’t you think it would be a lot better if you use your time enjoying all your favorite activities? Remember this, many women are spending at least twenty minutes preparing for their day. When you go au naturel, you may use your time to sleep, run, practice yoga or read a book.

3. Greater sense of peace  

It’s always a challenge to learn or understand how to love yourself. Take a break from wearing makeup. This is just a small step in terms of making peace with your true soul and body image. Do not give up! Although it may be extremely difficult to feel vulnerable, you will realize that the judgment your perceived actually came from you.

4. It’s an opportunity to save animals

Many companies have no reservations when it comes to testing on animals so as to improve their products. It can lead to permanent pain, disfigurement as well as a lifetime of anguish for creatures in various animal testing facilities. When you opt to utilize beauty products, make sure to check the labeling so as to ensure it is vegan.

Remember that there are a lot of wonderful, compassionate businesses coming into the industry. But then, when you choose to go makeup-free, you no longer have to waste time considering the right beauty product manufacturer.

5. In harmony with nature 

When you go makeup free, you may begin enjoying a simple as well as a vibrant life which is in harmony since it works with nature. Remember that whatever you choose in terms of how to face the world, it’s best to accept the perfection and beauty within you. This is the best way by which you could be in harmony with nature.

6. Avoid spending on makeup

You can save some cash by not spending too much on makeup and other accessories that you put on your face.

7. You’ll avoid using expensive products to clean your face after using makeup

When you apply makeup, it is also important that you regularly clean your face using soap, moisturizers and the like so as to avoid contaminating your skin with too many chemicals.

8. You’ll learn to appreciate life and on a deeper level

Learning to embrace your natural looks is the best foundation of a life which is rooted in simplicity as well as harmony with nature. Obesity, debt and consumerism are all fueled, although in part, by people’s unconscious longing to get more. Experts at the Fantastic Sams salon always believe that ditching the line of thinking that obtaining more would make you successful can help you realize that you’ve had enough.

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