The Best Tan Company: Palm Beach Tan vs. Sun Tan City

Tanning salons are springing up everywhere like mushrooms. All these tanning salons may be offering the same kinds of service, tanning but, all have a different approach to delivering their services.

Here is a brief comparative look at two of today’s hottest tanning salons; Sun Tan City and Palm Beach Tanning.

Sun Tan City

Sun Tan City is a tanning salon owned by brothers David and Rick Keuber. The first tanning salons used to be a video retail stores whose video rentals went down during the summer seasons.

To boost traffic, the Keuber brothers decided to put tanning units in their video stores. The popularity of the tanning units made them decide to go full time in the tanning business. So in 1999, the Keubers launched Sun Tan City.

Sun Tan City flourished instantly and by 2005, the business had grown to 21 locations. Today, Sun Tan City has over 250 tanning salons across 18 states. Their mission is very simple; to use superior equipment, the best skin care products and to have well-trained tanning consultants.

Palm Beach Tanning

Palm Beach tanning is owned by Donald Zale, former President and CEO of Zales Jewelers, who bought Palm Beach Tan’s first franchise in 2003.

Palm Beach Palm believes that in a world where appearances are valuable, a healthy looking tan is an essential part of a positive self-image. The need to feel good about ones self, more than just looking good has created the basis for an $ 8 billion-per-year indoor tanning industry.

Following the CEO’s philosophy; “Do whatever it takes to attract and retain customers”. The company makes it a point to listen and learn what the clients really want. Palm Beach Tan made the strategic decision to create clean, sophisticated store environments offering multiple levels of the most technologically advanced sunbed tanning equipment in the world, along with Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Systems and the Versa Spa Professional Skin Care Systems.

Palm Beach Tan has a 25-year track record of success that comes from delivering what appearance-conscious customers want. They’ve built their brand around providing members with convenience, choice, and state-of-the art sunbed and sunless services, all delivered in a relaxed spa-like environment staffed by the most extensively trained tanning consultants in the industry.

Their business philosophy is based in forging long-term customer relationships with a foundation in service, quality, and value. And with salons located in more than 31 states from coast-to-coast, they are established, nationally recognized market leader in the growing indoor tanning market.


Both tanning salons are offering monthly rates as well as individual session rates for their clients.

The main difference is that Sun tan City focuses on the speed of the tanning session and they have designed their pricing scheme to follow this order where the normal paced tanning session will cost $9.00 and the faster tanning session will cost $24.00

Palm Beach tanning on the other hand focuses on the degree of the tan with the lightest tan costing $25 to the darkest tan costing $109.95


Sun tan City is offering better prices where the lowest price for a tan only costs $9 while at Palm Beach Tan; the lowest price for a tan is $19.95. Now, this is a huge factor to consider if you are tight on the budget.

The only pricing advantage of Palm Beach Tan is that they have a special price on upgrades where the lowest price is only $7.50 while in Sun Tan City it seems that an upgrade is considered as a complete service that will cost as much as $9.00 which is the cost of an entirely new tanning session. But as you can see, the price difference is not that much.

Additional Services

In some locations Palm Beach Tan will have the advantage of having a product where a fitness workout is incorporated into the tanning session. This is an entirely new concept that is uniquely exclusive in Palm Beach Tanning. If one is inclined to try this tan-exercise combination then that person will most certainly go for Palm Beach Tanning.

Where to Go

If you are concerned with pricing, meaning you want to get a tan at the lowest possible cost then, you are definitely looking for Sun Tan City tanning services where the services are reasonably priced. If you are after the end product, this is the place to go to.

If you are after variety of tanning options then, you might be best considering palm Beach Tanning salons, In some areas you can even have a full body workout to go with your tan.

In terms of locations, Palm Beach Tanning has presence in 31 states across America while Sun tan City is only available in 18 states. This means that in 13 states there isn’t really much of choice. Residents in these 13 states don’t need to bother about comparisons because the option of more flexible rates of Sun Tan City is not available to them.

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