8 Benefits of Tanning in a Salon

In almost every aspect of life, whenever there is a choice between natural and artificial, the common answer is to always go with natural. But, is it the same case in tanning your skin.

Come to think of it, can we really call tanning in salons artificial? Though the source of stimulation may not have come from the sun, which has proven to harmful at a certain extent, the reaction of the skin with its pigmentation is all natural.

As you ponder upon that point, here are some of the benefits of having your tan in a tanning salon versus having it on the beach.

1. Flexible Time for Tanning

Everyone wants to spend sometime in the beach during the summer not only for the tanning but for fun and relaxation. However, most people can only dream about the beach but will never really have the time to go there.

Let’s face it. Time is a luxury for people who are working 8 hours a day for 5 days a week. People who go to the office can hardly see the sun much less spend time on the beach under it.

In this regard, tanning salons offer the best flexibility because it’s the only place where you can have your tan at night, after work.

2. Convenient place for Tanning

Benefits of Tanning - Convenient LocationThe next advantage of tanning salons is proximity from either your residence or work. Not everyone lives near a coast line and some don’t have a convenient place like a residential swimming pool where they can spread a towel and tan away.

Tanning salons are a convenient place to have your tan because that is basically what it’s for. Tanning salons offer the possibility of a tan for people who do not have the time or access for tanning under the sun.

3. Precise Tanning

When on the beach for a tan, you don’t really know how much tan you are getting. Nobody can tell how much time you have to spend under the sun to get the tan you like. There is always a great possibility that you won’t be satisfied, either it’s too much or not enough.

In tanning salons you get to choose how you want to end up. You can choose the exact amount of tan you like, no more no less.

Tanning salons are manned by experts who know exactly what they are doing. For as long as you know what you want, they have the mastery to get you sporting the tan you have envisioned.

4. Professional Supervision

On the beach, there is always the danger of over exposure resulting to sunburn and skin damage.

In tanning salons, the whole process is supervised by highly trained and capable skin experts who can give you a safe tanning procedure that will be totally safe for your specific skin type.

5. Total Skin Care

Tanning salons not only provide you with a safe tan but also give you advice on post tan skin care. Most tanning salons like Beach Bum Tanning offer total skin care with their pre and post tanning lotions that help you keep your tan longer and your skin healthier.

6. Faster Tan

Benefits of Tanning - Faster tanningAnother advantage of tanning salons is their ability to give you a tan in a short amount of time. With the latest innovations in tanning beds, a 20-minute tan is very possible and very comfortable.

For the ordinary working American, a half day under the sun may be too much to ask for. Like the fast food that has offered the convenience for dinning, tanning salons have offered the convenience for tanning.

7. Even Tan

It is almost impossible to get an even tan on the beach. Like the burger patty, you don’t really know how many times you have to flip yourself over and how much time you have to spend on each side. Everything will just have to go by feel and approximation. Of course, this will always result in an uneven tan.

The tanning beds get you tan on both sides at the same time. So, you don’t have to flip yourself over and over like a steak on the grill.

8. Tanning Alternatives

Tanning salons can give you a choice of a natural tan or an artificial tan. You can have it done on tanning beds where your skin can naturally go through the process of pigmentation to produce that healthy bronze look. Or, you can have it done artificially with a tanning spray.

Unlike the introduction of fast food chains that have only improved dining convenience but have created havoc on sound diet and healthy eating, the tanning salon chains have provided positive benefits on both sides of the scale.

Tanning salons have not only made tanning convenient, they also made it safer through innovative tanning equipment, skin care expertise and professional supervision.

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