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9 Must -Try Nail Colors

Nail polish is something that is guaranteed to add extra flair to your entire look, because sometimes a splash of color is all you need to keep things interesting. The best thing about nail polish is that you can easily alter it depending on what the occasion calls for. With little effort, you can change your nail color to match the dress you’re wearing or what your mood is at the moment.

There’s a rainbow of color options to choose from, and these days there are all kinds of new nail polish that can change the way you look in an instant. Instead of just sticking to the plain old poring hues, what you can do is try something different and exciting. Here are 9 must-try nail colors that you should give a go:

1. Turquoise Waters

There’s something oddly calming about looking at your nails and being reminded of the ocean. The turquoise shade is not really new, but it’s making a comeback and you better pay attention. Turquoise waters will give you the soothing color of the ocean, and this shade of color is cool enough to wear on a hot summer day but also feminine and classy enough to wear during formal occasions.

2. Dazzling Navy

Navy blue is one of the most standout colors there are when it comes to nail polish, because it’s something that’s out of the ordinary. Pick the dark navy version as it is generally viewed as chic and neutral, but if you want to add some pizazz you can pick the version that’s glittery. With just enough sparkle in your navy blue color, you’ll remind everyone of the starlit sky perhaps a midsummer night’s dream.

3. Deep Berry

Shades of red will never be absent in any nail color list, because there’s something about red and nails that just go together really well. Instead of the bright and vibrant reds that have tints of orange and pink, why don’t you try the deeper berry shades to give your nails so much more character? These deeper shades of red are far more sophisticated and unique than the brighter colored ones, and the deep berries will surely remind you of autumn’s kiss.

4. Soft Mauve

When it comes to nail polish, it’s best to have a ready stock of neutral shades that you can wear with anything, during any occasion, and at any time of the year. With neutrals you can of course go for the normal beige colors but that is so yesterday. The neutral hue you should really try is mauve, which is light and feminine but classy and chic. This color is a true chameleon, straddling the fine line between beige, rose-toned taupe, and at times a very light purple.

5. Dusty Sage Green

With a creamy opaque finish, this dusty color is the perfect combination of teal and sage, making your nails stand out instantly. This is an option that brings you a step away from the typical mint green hues, which is quite popular as well. Dusty sage green gives off cool tones that soothe your eyes and senses, but it’s also formal enough to wear when you need to be all business-like.

6. Toasted Caramel

Another way to go neutral is to go for the warm and frothy shades of caramel. This is neutral enough to pair with almost anything, and can be worn during both casual and formal occasions. Toasted caramel will remind you of exactly that, but you may also be reminded of a warm cup of mocha that will lift your mood instantly. 

7. Matte Black

There’s something bold and undeniably classic about the color black, and not everyone can pull this off as a nail color. If you choose to do black, go for the matte version and not the glossy one. Matte black will give your nails character like no other color can.

8. Sexy Grey

There was a time when people thought grey should go nowhere near nails. But grey is actually a color that looks really chic on nails, especially if you have it in the right shade. Try a granite grey color that will give you the sophistication of a confident and self-assured lady. 

9. Creamy Coral

If you want something bright and cheery, try going for coral. Coral is a hue that’s feminine enough but also has the right splash of color that can brighten any day. It’s a great color to wear at the beach, but when you pick the shade, don’t pick the version that’s too bright. It’s probably best if you pick the one that’s a bit creamy, giving you equal parts of sweet and sophisticated. You just need to remember that coral is a color that really pops out, so you won’t be able to wear it with just anything.

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