Get A Manzilian at Least Once in Your Life!

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Gigolos, porn stars and metrosexuals. Society sees these men as the types who will get regular manzilians – that’s a Brazilian wax on the nether regions, if you don’t know it yet – and we can’t blame the people who think so, too. There are plenty of movies that reinforce the common notion, such as the campy Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo!

But in the 21st century, men seem to be more open to the idea of a manzilian, whether as part of a new experience or as part of their grooming habits.  But we say that men should get a manzilian at least once their life just to see what the fuss is all about. Think of it as an adventure into the unknown and decide whether it’s for you or not.

Why Get It

A manzilian, also known as a boyzilian, is a cosmetic treatment – there are no incisions, injections and penetrations involved – so there’s no downtime necessary. You can walk out of the Ministry of Waxing salon as soon as your session is over with nobody else – except you, the waxing technician and the receptionist – knowing about it, unless you tell others about it. 

The bottom line: Getting a manzilian is fast, easy and convenient! You may even prefer it to shaving, a familiar process that will also temporarily remove pubic hair, but it has its risks (e.g., nicks, cuts and ingrown hair in the most uncomfortable of places) as well.

With a manzilian, you will enjoy these other benefits:

  • Your nether regions will feel fresher because the hairs are under control, if not totally gone. 
  • Your package will seem bigger! Your package will likely have been partly hidden by the abundance of hair on your nether region. But once you have it manscaped, your package will look larger and longer, all without undergoing surgery. 
  • You may have less risk of sexually transmitted infections, particularly public lice. The emphasis here is on “may” as safe sex is still highly recommended. 
  • Your package will look tidier for it, too, and we know how many women put a premium on tidiness down there. 

Just think about these benefits when you undergo a manzilian, or the waxing of your back, sack and crack, as people like to call the nether region’s parts. 

What to Expect

But you may not want to have your entire nether regions waxed, and that’s okay, too. There are actually two types of waxing for men – the bikini wax and the Brazilian wax – both of which have been modelled after waxing for women.

In a bikini wax, there’s still a trimmed area of pubic hair left for a more natural look but the underwear line is completely free of hair. In a Brazilian wax, every hair from the anus to the pubic bone is removed – as bald as a baby, so to speak. 

If you’re a first-timer, you may want to choose the bikini wax just so you can say goodbye to your pubic hair gradually. Afterwards, you may choose to just go bald or you may not. In the end, the decision to go for a manzilian or not, as well as to choose between a bikini wax and a manzilian, should be up to you and you alone. 

For your first-time session at Ministry of Waxing, you should keep these tips in mind before walking in through the salon’s door.

  • Don’t shave your nether region for at least two weeks before the appointment so that your public hair is at least ¼” thick. You can trim your pubic hair, if you want, but not by much since the waxing strip must have hair to hold on to, in a manner of speaking. 
  • Be sure to take a shower or a bath before your appointment. Think of it as a sign of mutual respect, especially since you will be exposing your private parts to a stranger.
  • Wear clean boxers and loose-fitting pants, preferably cotton, to your appointment. These loose, soft clothes won’t rub against your newly-waxed skin – and believe us when we say that clothes rubbing against your sensitive skin isn’t a walk in the park. 
  • Take 2 Tylenols 30 minutes before your appointment. You will likely still discomfort during the waxing session but it won’t be as painful as when you didn’t take Tylenol.
  • Arrive at the salon at least 30 minutes before your appointment. You can, at the very least, make yourself more comfortable with the environment, psyche yourself up for the procedure, and perhaps make small talk with your waxing technician.
  • Be involved during the procedure. Unlike in a massage, you will likely have an active part in a waxing procedure. You may, for example, be asked to assist the waxing technician to hold your skin as taut as possible so that the waxing can be done faster and easier.

Afterwards, you should follow the waxing technician’s instructions on post-waxing care. These usually include exfoliation a few days after the session – use an exfoliating body glove – and do it for 4-5 days a week.

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