Bikini Waxing vs. Brazilian Waxing – Pros and Cons

Keeping the pubic region properly groomed is not an easy task. Being a delicate area, many women want to keep it clean and neat at all times. Trimming and shaving are some common options. However these require constant maintenance every few days. Aside from being time consuming it does not always produce the best results, which is why many women opt to go for waxing.

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Here’s the low down on Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing.

Brazilian Waxing

This hair removal method entails eliminating all the hair in the lower region.


  1. Bikini Ready – Whether you are getting this procedure done during the summer season or just out of a regular routine, you will always be bikini ready. No need to worry about shaving at the last minute just so you can slip into your two-piece. The same goes for wearing hi-cut and sexy underwear.
  2. Soft and Smooth – With hair being pulled out completely with the roots, there will be no stubble left behind as in the case of shaving or using a hair removal cream.
  3. Hair-Free Longer – For most women, a Brazilian wax will go anywhere from at least three weeks to seven weeks before hair starts to grow back. This also means less maintenance and less time spent worrying about grooming down there.
  4. Less Hair Growth – Brazilian waxing also affects how pubic hair grows back. It can make hair grow back softer and thinner, especially with regular waxing sessions.
  5. Aesthetic Pleasure – Aside from the practical advantages, Brazilian waxing also allows many women to feel more confident about their genital area since it is always properly groomed.


  1. Pain – Anyone who has ever gotten his kind of service will tell you that it is not the easiest way to get the hair out down there. Since the skin on the area is sensitive it may hurt, especially if it is the first time or the aesthician doing the waxing is not properly trained.
  2. Itching During Hair Growth – Although hair tends to grow back slower, it may become uncomfortable once it does start. Since a new follicle erupts from the skin it can cause some itching as the hair breaks out. In grown hairs may also become a problem. However, these can both be avoided if the waxing is done properly.
  3. Risk of Infection – Waxing leaves the pores of the skin open for a certain time, making it susceptible to infection. Handling and cleanliness of a waxing salon can also increase the risk for this. If double dipping happens, or tools are not properly cleaned or changed, infections may be passed on.
  4. Price – If you are getting this service done professionally, it may not be the cheapest option around.

Bikini Waxing

This method of hair removal entails removing only a portion of the pubic hair. Hair that is falls outside of the bikini line (outside the underwear) is what is commonly removed. Some may also be taken away from the top.


  1. Less Painful – Although the skin on the inner thigh is also sensitive, it does not hurt as much to remove hair from this part. Women with lower tolerance for pain can find this procedure more bearable.
  2. Less Invasive – Unlike Brazilian waxing there is no need to bare all with a bikini wax. It can be done without the need to remove all of your bottom clothing. You also do not need to be positioned in odd ways to remove the hair.
  3. Bikini Ready – Even without taking out all of the hair in the region, this method still allows women to be bikini ready anytime. No need to worry about hair sprouting out from the sides of underwear either.
  4. More Affordable – Since the procedure is not as painstaking as a Brazilian, most waxing salons charge a lower price for this kind of service.
  5. Aesthetics – Not all women, or men for that matter, are comfortable being completely hair-less down there. Bikini waxing keeps the area groomed without making others feel too naked.


  1. Maintenance – Although hair on the sides is removed, most will still be left behind. This may mean that trimming will still be needed for areas that still have hair. At the same time, it may also mean that you will need more trips back to the waxing salon for up-keep.
  2. Risk for Infection – With waxing still being the primary hair removal method, there is still a risk for infection with Bikini waxing. Like Brazilian waxing, cleanliness and handling is a large factor.
  3. Growing Hair Out – Unlike shaving or using a depilatory cream that can be done at the first sight of hair growth, waxing cannot be done immediately. For any area of the body, hair must be at least a fourth to half an inch long before it can be removed again.

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