Bikini Wax Virgin No More, Too!

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Many women avoid getting a bikini wax because it’s no walk in the park for obvious reasons. The hair will be pulled out from the roots after all, so there’s a certain degree of pain involved, especially in the sensitive private regions. With that being said, however, a bikini wax is the most effective non-surgical hair removal method so no wonder it’s such a popular option for many women.

Also, first-timers will find that the transition from being a bikini waxing virgin to being a fan can be easier when you know what to expect. You will also find that there are plenty of benefits to bikini waxing, such as smoother application of sunless tanning sprays.

Making Your Choice

Your first step should be making the right choice in a waxing salon and Brazilian Wax by Andreia comes highly recommended. Brazilian Wax by Andreia is a chain is waxing salons that offers a wide range of hair removal services.  Here, you can be assured that the instruments and supplies used are the industry standard and the waxing technicians are fully certified.

Before undergoing a waxing session, you will be asked to choose from several types of bikini wax including but not limited to: (The terms used by waxing salons may vary)

  • The classic bikini wax involves cleaning up the hair at the front of the pubic mound and a small amount beneath it.
  • The Brazilian wax involves more hair being removed, usually all the hair beneath the pubic mound and even to the back area. But there will be a small landing strip (i.e., a small triangle-shaped cluster of hair) at the front for a more natural look.
  • The Hollywood wax involves the removal of all pubic hair from the front to the back.
  • No matter your choice in a bikini wax for your first time, you should check that indeed you’re as prepared as can be for it, physically and mentally. For the physical part, keep these tips in mind for a less painful first-time experience:
  • Don’t shave your hair! For the waxing technician to pick up your pubic hair, it must be about ¼ of an inch long – too short and your first waxing session will be more painful and less effective.
  • You can trim your hair with scissors, if you want, but it’s best to leave it alone if you’re unsure. You can call the waxing salon in advance and tell the receptionist or technician that your hair will require trimming before waxing. It is part of the service so don’t worry about it.
  • Don’t schedule your appointment within three days before the first day of your period. Otherwise, your pain will be increased since your skin in the pubic area becomes more sensitive at this time. You can reschedule, if needed, and tell the technician the reason for it.

And be sure to take a warm bath or shower on the day of your appointment, perhaps pay more attention to your private area, for many reasons. Your technician will appreciate it – no bad odors – and you will feel less self-conscious about exposing your private area. You will also find that the warm shower opens up your skin’s pores so the hair removal process becomes less painful.

Aside from the warm bath, you may want to consider lightly exfoliating your body including your private region at least three days before your appointment. Do so every day for best results.

Exposing Your Hoo-Ha

Now we come to the part that makes first-timers self-conscious – opening up your hoo-ha to a stranger, even if it’s a woman. You’re not alone because everyone feels self-conscious the first few times of bikini waxing. You can even tell the technician about it and she will understand your concern.

But don’t worry about it too much. Your waxing technician has seen it all before, especially since she may have performed multiple bikini waxes every day for the past years. You may even find that your technician will talk you through the process so you can feel more relaxed about it.

Your technician will ask you remove your clothes below the waist and lie down on a bed. You don’t have to take off your pants if you don’t want to – and most women don’t either so it’s alright. Your technician will work around your panties; wear comfortable cotton panties, preferably the pair that can be stretched at the side, instead of your lacy, if flimsy, Victoria’s Secret pair.

You may, however, be asked to be completely naked down below if you’re going the full Monty.

You will likely be asked to place one of your legs bent up at the knee while the other leg lies flat at a right angle. This position will expose your bikini line and make it easier to remove the unwanted hair at this part.

You have to be prepared to let your technician get up close and personal with your private part. You should tell the technician if you’re feeling uncomfortable about the touch but if it doesn’t seem malicious or invasive, then it’s likely alright.

And yes, waxing will hurt definitely. The degree of pain will vary between individuals but the pain will be there. You can ask for a numbing cream if you want it, such as when you have low pain tolerance.

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