Do Guys Really Need a Pedicure?

Do Guys Really Need a Pedicure?

In a word, YES. But I know this answer will be met with various reactions so let me explain further.

Guys, your feet need grooming. And we’re not just saying that because your feet looks embarrassing right now while you’re wearing sandals to the beach. It’s also basic hygiene.

Contrary to what you may think, a pedicure isn’t just a luxury. It also has quite a few health benefits. On the other hand, neglecting to properly care for your feet can lead to poor consequences.

There are stigmas to men getting pedicures and manicures. But instead of being ashamed about going to a salon to get hand and foot care, you should be more concerned about the benefits these treatments can give you.

With unkempt toes, you will likely have to deal with:

Would you rather deal with these icky (and painful!) things than go to a spa or salon every month for proper maintenance and care of your nails?

Still not convinced, huh?

Removal of callouses and correcting poorly shaped nails not only save you from future pain and discomfort but also, it prevents the formation of pressure points in your feet. Wearing sweaty sneakers also often lead to issues in your feet, particularly the toenails. You’ll end up having to deal with pain with every movement.

This is especially true if you’re always on your feet or playing sports like basketball. This explains why professional athletes regularly get pedicures. By getting a pedicure at least every month, you lower your risk of infection and diseases brought about by dirty nail beds, feet exposure to pathogens and poorly trimmed nails.

By now I hope to have convinced you about the importance of groomed nails. Now the question you might have on your mind is, what sort of treatment should you get?

Many salons nowadays like Regal Nails cater to men who want pedicures and manicures. Men who want to be well-groomed can find specific services in these salons or spas, and many of them in fact have men-specific treatments like beer-infused foot baths/soaks.

But your grooming requirements shouldn’t end with a monthly salon visit. You should also do your part in caring for your feet. Here are some tips:

  • Wash your feet thoroughly using mild soap every day. Be sure to include in between the toes.
  • If the soles of your feet have callouses, exfoliate using pumice stone or an exfoliant specifically for the feet.
  • Pat-dry your feet after washing and cleaning. Make sure your feet is completely dry before putting on socks or shoes.
  • Buy a tool that lets you clean your nail beds. You can do this a few times a week to ensure your nails are clean and free from dirt.
  • Apply foot cream to keep your feet soft and well-hydrated.
  • When cutting your nails, use clippers.
  • Your shoes should properly fit your feet. Loose or tight shoes can lead to irritation and callouses.

Do heed these bits of advice to ensure your feet are well-maintained, properly groomed and healthy.

Here’s a video showing a rather gross feet getting a pedicure:

How to Pedicure Extremely Calloused Feet and Toes

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