How Often Should I Get a Pedicure and Manicure?

How Often Should I Get a Pedicure and Manicure?

For a lot of women, getting a pedicure and manicure in a salon like Happy Nails are reserved for special occasions such as celebrating a birthday, a promotion, or an anniversary. For some, it’s a regular thing.  Natural nails require less maintenance in general compared to artificial nails. Other factors such as nail growth and any special needs can also help determine how often you should get a mani-pedi.

Here are the main benefits of Pedicures and Manicures:

1. Massage

Our hands and feet do a lot of work for us day in and day out.  The muscles and joints in these parts of the body deal with more strain. Getting a mani-pedi also gives your hands and feet some much-needed massage to increase blood circulation and blood flow, leading to greater mobility in the joints.

2. Hygiene

Our nails in our hands and feet get exposed to numerous pollutants, germs and dirt. These microorganisms accumulate in the nail beds. Getting a mani-pedi keeps your nails clean and prevents infection caused by fungi and bacteria.

3. Exfoliation

You probably didn’t know this but your fingers, toes and nails also need deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and stimulate production of new skin.

Here are some general guidelines on how often you should get a mani-pedi.


A pedicure usually lasts longer than a manicure. That means getting a pedicure 1-2x a month is OK. If your feet aren’t exposed to the elements all the time, then you don’t need to get this treatment every week.


How often you need to get a manicure depends on how fast your nails grow. If they grow slowly, getting a manicure every 2 weeks is enough. If they grow fast, you may need to shorten the time in between treatments.  

Basic nail polish should be re-applied once a week especially darker colors which are more prone to chipping. With light colors, you can apply a protective topcoat every couple of days to keep it looking fresh.

Nail Shape and Length

The shape and length of your nails affect the frequency of your pedicure and manicure. If you want your nails to be long, you need to get them filed often so that they maintain a nice shape.

Your nail technician will ask you about what shape you want for your nails. Some shapes like the oval make them more prone to breakage. The square with oval edges are considered the better option as it this shape keeps nails from breaking.

Artificial Nails and Nail Designs

At salons, you have a range of options for manicure and pedicure. You can get acrylic nail tips, painted nail designs and gel nails. Keep in mind however that if you opt for these, they will require special maintenance and you may need to visit the salon more frequently. Nails painted with complicated designs are prone to chipping. Gel nails need retouching since your natural nails do grow out. Your nail technician will probably advice you to get a touch up weekly.

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