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If you live in California, you are most likely familiar with Carlton Hair, which is one of the established and famous hair salons in the state. In fact, it has different branches in key cities such as San Diego, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. They are successful in their industry because they take cues from the elite and get inspiration from current trends in fashion.

One of the services that they offer are hair highlights which can either be done in eight foils or less, partial, or full. But, what are highlights and how are they usually done?

Highlighting is the process where you or a hair stylist applies color to various strands of your hair. Usually, it also involves bleaching portions of your hair first in order for the color to stand out.

Most people are just familiar with the term highlights, but there is also a hair trend similar to that and it is called lowlights. The major difference is that highlights are light colors applied to darker hair while lowlights are dark colors applied to lighter hair.

Why Should You Consider Getting Highlights or Lowlights?

If you are getting bored with a safe hairstyle and you have been sporting the same color for quite a while now, getting highlights or lowlights would be a great idea for a bolder, new look.

You can also consider getting either of the two if it is your first time to color your hair. By getting highlights or lowlights, you can give your hair a color boost while still retaining your natural hair color. It is like taking baby steps to dyeing your hair.

Great highlights on your hair can also allow you to have a sun-kissed look because of the lighter strands running through your hair. They are also great for lighting up the face and providing more life to your hair color. With the right color combination, it can even work wonders for your skin tone. Lowlights can add more dimension to your hair, especially when the color has gotten lighter due to sun exposure.

Different Type of Highlights and Techniques

Natural Thin Highlights

This is suitable for fine hair as they create a natural effect. Thin highlights is a technique used by stylists to enhance the natural color of your hair as they color only a few strands of hair at a time. Fine stripes of hair, usually near the front section are dyed and highlighted to act as face framing layers. The colors used in this type of highlights is not usually too light, but just a shade or a couple of shades lighter for a natural look.

Chunky Highlights

This technique is best used among those who have coarse, thick, and lots of hair. Usually, streaks of hair up to an inch thick are taken and highlighted with a color which is two shades lighter than the base color. However, there are some who prefer bold and funky shades to bring out the fun element in their personalities.

That said, chunky highlights are usually preferred by those who are not afraid to be noticed and stand out in the crowd.

Ombre Highlights

This is probably one of the latest and hottest trends in hair styling as a lot of people are really into the ombre look. Basically, this technique uses dark color at the top near the roots of the hair and then the color fades as it  goes down towards the hair tips.

Ombre highlights can make you look fabulous, but if not done correctly, it can look like coloring gone wrong or a badly colored hair growing out. That is why, if you prefer this highlighting technique, better leave it to the professionals.

Balayage Highlights

This highlighting technique uses free hand strokes across the hair to achieve a more natural gradient. Sometimes, Balayage is also referred to as the beachy hair highlight because of its natural effect.

Foil Highlights

With the foil highlighting method, the hair strands are weaved before the hair lightener is applied. This is the usual technique used by hair stylists for clients who have personal preferences on their highlights because the stylist can have more control on where the highlights or lowlights will be applied.

Then again, when it comes to hair styling, there will always be new styles and plenty of room for creativity and inventiveness. There are no rules as long as you know what look you want to achieve. Check out the latest trends and only have the best at Carlton Hair give you the amazing hair style that you want.


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