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7 Great Ways to Air Dry Your Hair Sans The Heat

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The biggest challenge after showering is how you can dry your hair quickly and effectively. Wet hair always poses a challenge to those who love showering in the morning,as it takes a good lot of time to dry the hair. Especially if you have thick, long locks, it can get tiring to always have to wrestle with wet hair in addition to your packed morning routine. Thankfully, you can always use a hair blower to get the job done.

The only downside to this set up, though, is regular blow drying can easily make damage your hair. Especially if you don’t use products that can protect your hair, you’re bound to get brittle and unhealthy tresses in time.

What are you supposed to do? Give your hair a regular break from all the heating it gets and air dry your locks out from time to time. Here are some great ways that you can try to air dry your hair without taking forever to remove any dampness out of your tresses. Get to know them ASAP and your hair will love you for it.

1. Cut is key.

The longer and thicker your hair is, the harder it can be to dry out. So the best way to get started is to get a cut that will thin your hair. You can ask any professional stylist at Kimble Hair Studio to help you find a good cut that will lessen your air dry time. They’ll be more than happy and capable to help you out.

2. Use a microfiber towel.

Love your thick, fluffy towels? Well, it’s time to stop using them for your hair. They do nothing to do nothing to help dry your hair faster. Switch to a soft microfiber towel as these products are more absorbent, helping you squeeze out the dampness of your locks faster and more effectively. The best thing about these items is that they’re usually cheaper than your fluffy towels, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra on drying your hair.

3. Comb your hair while in the shower.

While it is a huge no-no to brush wet hair, combing your hair using a wide tooth comb will help you manage your locks better. If you even comb your hair while putting on hair conditioner, your hair will dry up faster.

How is this possible? As you might already know, conditioners have silicones that seal the hair’s moisture, so to do that, they also have quick-drying properties. Combing while using conditioner will help you distribute the product properly, helping you coat the entirety of your hair for faster air drying.

4. Use leave-in conditioner.

It might sound like an overkill, but using a leave-in conditioner is also considered as a non-negotiable hair care step by a lot of experts. Leave-in conditioners help further protect the hair from the harsh elements, so adding it to your routine is essential. Make sure to apply it on damp hair, though, so it will adhere better to your locks. Apply it using a wide tooth comb like you would with a regular conditioner before you dry your hair so it can do its magic with your tresses.

5. Try paper towels.

With cotton out of the equation in quick drying your hair, one good alternative experts suggest you use is paper towels. Paper towels are really absorbent, so make sure to use a few after you’re done with your microfiber towel. It will absorb a lot of water, so after you’ve used a few sheets, you’re well on your way to having air dried hair.

6. Squeeze, don’t rub.

One of the most common mistakes everyone is guilty of when drying their hair with a towel is that they rub the towel into their hair instead of gently squeezing the water out to get rid of dampness. Rubbing the towel into your hair is not only an ineffective method to dry your hair, but it can also damage your follicles and cause excessive oiliness. What you should do instead is to squeeze the water out of your hair carefully. You can start without using a towel and then do another round with your microfiber towel wrapped into your hair for it to better absorb the water in your tresses.

7. Wash your hair in the evening.

This is possibly the simplest thing that you can do to air dry your hair – reschedule your washes in the evening. You don’t have to take a full bath entirely the night before if you like going out feeling fresh and clean in the morning. You can just opt to wash your hair in advance before you go to bed and air dry it in the night. Just make sure to still squeeze out the wetness before you lie down and to take some extra precautions so you don’t have to deal with a frizzy mane in the morning.

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