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5 Tricks for Better Hair While You Sleep

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Ever dreamed of waking up to beautiful hair? If only you don’t have to worry about bedhead the next morning, you won’t have to spend a good chunk of your morning trying to tame your wild tresses. It will surely improve not just your appearance but your mood as well since you don’t have to get stressed the moment you wake up.

With the right tricks, though, you can actually bring this dream to life. You just need to get the right products and master the best techniques to get this done.

How? Here are five tricks experts and lots of people swear by.

1. Do your deep conditioning overnight.

Want to give your hair a nice soak in some conditioner or hair treatment? Do it while you sleep. This is an efficient method that won’t take up a lot of your free time as you don’t have to sit at home with a towel on your head for hours on end to do it.

To pull this off, apply your chosen conditioning product on the tips of your hair or from the roots to the tips of your locks. You can use oils, Pantene conditioners, or hair masks for this. Once you’ve applied a good amount of it on your hair, put it up in a bun or braids then wrap it with a silk scarf or any gentle and soft fabric. Once done, you can already hit the sack.

The next morning, before wetting or completely washing the conditioner off, apply some of your restorative or hydrating Tigi Bedhead shampoo directly to your hair. Once done, you can already wash your locks thoroughly and enjoy a softer, smoother, and bouncier hair.

2. Use better pillowcases.

Cotton pillowcases may already feel soft to touch but they can still be too rough for your tresses. They can pull your hair on many occasions so they’re not exactly the best match for your locks.

This is why you should consider getting some silk or satin pillowcases so you can treat your hair better. If you can’t get some, you can also opt to just wrap your hair with a scarf made of the same materials to get similar results.

3. Put your hair up.

How many times have you woken yourself up by pulling your own hair in your sleep? For those who always had long locks, this can happen too often. It can lead to hair breakage and hair loss, so it’s definitely not good if you want a healthy head of hair.

As an alternative, experts recommend sleeping with your hair up. You can put it in a loose bun, wrap it in bobby pins, or braid them up. As long as it’s out of the way, you’re good to go.

4. Swap elastics for scrunchies when in bed.

If you’re going to put your hair up when you sleep, though, you should opt for the right item to hold them. Elastics may provide the strongest hold for your hair but they can also overdo things. They can get too tight and cause hair breakage. They can also create unsightly creases on your hair that will be hard to remove the next morning.

So instead of using rubber elastic bands to hold your hair while you sleep, you should use scrunchies instead. Yes, those fabric-covered hair styling relics from the 90s are actually very crucial in hair care. Grab a few of them the next time you shop for hair supplies and surprise yourself with how useful these things are.

5. Actually get some good zzz’s.

Aside from the things that are set in place before you hit the sack, the actual quality of your shuteye can also help improve the health, quality, and appearance of your locks. Regular, quality sleep can improve your overall well being, so you should also make sure to include it in your beauty regimen.

While you can’t really expect to get supple and lustrous locks overnight, these tips are proven to help improve the appearance of your hair in a short period of time. This makes them worth a try.

The fact that these tricks are perfectly simple to execute should also further compel you to try them out. All of these five won’t need you to use any fancy tools or learn a new skill. You might just need to tweak your habit a little and that’s it.

Do them regularly and you can be sure to see marvelous results. These may not seem like you’re doing much for your tresses, but if you get to incorporate them into your daily routine, you’re bound to see improvements in no time.

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