10 Don’ts to Remember When Styling Your Hair

Styling can be tricky, and if you’re not quite used to it yet, you can inadvertently commit mistakes that can jeopardize everything. Instead of achieving the style you desire, you could end up with the exact opposite and even cause unwanted damage.

Below are some common mistakes that people commit, and you should avoid this at all costs:

1. Don’t ever think you can do everything yourself.

Styling hair can be a very personal thing because it reflects your personal preferences. When it comes to the actual act of styling however, seeking help from those who know better won’t hurt. There’s nothing wrong with styling your hair yourself, but there are times when you literally need a helping hand. Needless to say, visiting your neighborhood salon to actually get that expert touch will give you the best results.

2. Don’t ignore the advice of professionals.

You may think you’re saving money by going for DIY fixes, home dyes, and your very own styling tools, but this is not applicable at all times. The expert opinion of a professional hair stylist will always be of value. They’ve seen and experienced more than you have, and chances are, they know what’s better for your hair more than you do.

3. Don’t style your hair without preparing for it.

If you have to do the styling yourself, make sure you’re doing it properly. A common mistake that people commit is to style their hair without adequate preparation. Usually, people skip preps because it takes too much time or effort. But the extra care is worth it. For one, make sure you have the right tools for your hair type and what you want to achieve. Before doing the actual styling, prepare your hair with the right products.

4. Don’t skip the heat protectant.

If you had to choose only one product not to skip during prep time, it’s most definitely the heat protectant. Styling can be very harsh on the hair and can cause a lot of damage. Using heat protectant will at the very least minimize this damage and ensure that you’re not giving your hair more stress than necessary.

5. Don’t keep your hair in the iron for too long.

When using a curling iron, some people tend to get carried away and keep their hair in it for so long. Some people get distracted during styling and keep their hair twirled in the iron longer than needed, and this will subject your hair to unnecessary heat and further damage.

6. Don’t use the wrong-sized barrel.

Before styling with a curling iron, you have to be aware of the general rule when it comes to barrels. If you want tight curls, you should go for the barrels that are smaller in diameter. On the other hand, if loose and romantic waves are what you want, then you must use a barrel that’s much larger in diameter. If you use the wrong-sized barrel, you’ll also end up with the wrong results.

7. Don’t think that all heat settings are equal.

Most hair styling tools need heat to function, but you have to use this heat wisely. Using the wrong heat settings can cause bring harm than good to your hair, especially if it’s thin, delicate, and already vulnerable to damage. For delicate hair, you should only use the lowest heat settings. On the other hand, if you have really thick hair, your styling tool won’t be as effective if the temperature you use is too low.

8. Don’t style big chunks of your hair all at once.

It’s certainly tempting to skip the part where you section your hair properly. When you’re in a hurry, it’s so much easier to just style big chunks of hair all at once, getting it over with as fast as you can. You must remember however that sectioning your hair properly and styling it one section will make your curls more consistent and your hairstyle more refined.

9. Don’t curl your hair in the wrong direction.

Technically, there really is no right or wrong direction to curling one’s hair. But if you want a more natural look, the general rule is that you should curl your hair in the direction that’s going away from your face. Aside from giving you more face-framing curls that look natural and pretty, you’re also going for the safer way.

10. Don’t put yourself in a box.

Lastly, when it comes to style, you must open yourself up to all sorts of possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and never put yourself in a box, immediately thinking that you won’t look good in a certain style. Consider all your options carefully, but don’t be afraid to take risks because these are often the choices that give will pay off the most.

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