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Why Investing in Your Hair Makes Perfect Sense

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Did you know that a lot of women can spend an average of $55,000 on their hair in a lifetime? While this number includes salon trips and hair care products, it’s still a staggering amount. When you think about it, it can help you put a down payment on a house, pay for a college education, or maybe even buy a brand new car.

But when you’ll break the number down, it’s very easy to see how one can spend such an accumulated amount over a few decades. If you’re curious about where your money goes and why you shouldn’t really worry about how much you spend on your mane, the following points might just bring you some enlightenment on the topic.

Your hair requires maintenance, just like your health, car, or house does.

If there’s one thing that you need to remember about your hair, it should be the fact that it requires regular maintenance like the rest of your body. It grows so it needs regular maintenance, it can get damaged so it needs to be repaired, it can deteriorate so it will need some rejuvenation. Maintaining, repairing, and rejuvenating your hair can’t always be done for free, so your costs can really rack up over time.

Grooming your hair can get pricey because you have to do it regularly. Monthly $20 haircuts can quickly add up to a serious amount of money within a year. As you’ll also finish bottles of hair products a few times within a year, you can also expect to spend some of your earnings on such toiletries. These shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however, as they will give you instant results that you might be in great need of.

Imagine if you only opted to get haircuts twice a year, you might have saved $200 but would you have looked as presentable and nice? Would your hair game be as on point as when it’s properly maintained by regular appointments with your hairstylist or barber?

If you don’t replenish your shampoo and conditioner, would you even be clean enough to face other people? Would your hair be as manageable as it is without your mousse or pomade? Would you look put together without using hair products?

Unlike others, you can’t exactly just skip these hair maintenance expenses because they’re quite vital to your overall hygiene and appearance. As a result, you can look at them as necessary expenditures and not just luxuries.

You’re paying more for the experience if you go to a reputable hairstylist.

Lots of people also balk at the huge amounts charged by hairstylists for their services. Some even wonder whether it’s possible to tell a cheap haircut vs a pricey one.

To be very honest, the price tags of haircuts don’t always reflect the skill of the person who will cut or style your mane. Lots of hairstylists at Cost Cutters and Great Clips are very talented. There are tons of great barbers that are amazing but don’t charge big because of their location and clientele. Sometimes, you can also encounter a salon that charges a lot but is clueless with how to handle your hair type.

Investing in a pricey hairstylist is more about the experience. Usually, the professionals with 3-digit fees know exactly what haircut or style will look best for your hair type and facial structure. They will also know what’s on-trend and can walk you through the steps of how you can further improve the health and quality of your mane. As a result, you can turn to them if you really want to improve your locks.

Quality ingredients and formulas don’t come cheap.

It’s a fact that real, whole foods are more expensive than its preservative-laden alternatives. The same can be said with hair products as good, quality ingredients aren’t cheap.

This isn’t to say that you won’t find high-quality products at a friendly price point, though. With a large amount of available products nowadays, you have tons of options to choose from. Out of their overwhelming number, there’s a very good chance that some of the more affordable ones will work wonders on your hair. However, their existence and your journey to finding them can also be pricey.

Good ingredients and formulas are produced through extensive research and testing and those can cost money. Manufacturers will naturally factor those into the end price of the product, so it shouldn’t be surprising that a lot of products that lots of people swear by are quite pricey.

Even if you intend to make your own hair care products, you can still expect to spend some money in the process. Raw materials can be quite pricey, especially if you’re not buying in bulk. It will also cost you time and effort you’ll when whipping up your own hair product and it will be hard to put a price on those.

Not every haircare tool or product will guarantee positive results, prompting you to consistently go through a trial and error process.

Since the only way to find out whether a product is good for your locks or not is by trying them, you’ll certainly need to shell out money in order to search for the right product for you. This can be a frustrating process but it’s not like you have tons of other alternatives. Even with extensive research, you can still end up with the wrong item and you’ll only learn about it upon purchasing the item.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make mistakes like this, though. It’s a part of the process, so just charge it to experience. If you want to avoid spending too much on the wrong products, though, you can look for samples or get travel-sized products first. They’re typically cheaper so your wallet won’t get serious damage in case your pick doesn’t work for you.

With these said, it’s really easy to see why hair care can get expensive. So if you’re on the fence about spending money on your locks, we hope these can help convince you to consider a gorgeous mane as a wise investment.

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