What Can You Prevent if You Get a Regular Haircut?

No one will argue that trimming should be a part of the hair care routine. Maybe the only debatable part would be how often should this be done. 

That question can only be answered or decided upon by the owner of the hair. No, you cannot give ownership of your hair to anyone else, not even your lover whom you address as master. No one else can own your hair unless you collect it after cutting and have it made into a wig or cloth. By then anyone who wears or get hold of it may now declare himself as the new owner. Apart from that scenario, since no one can literally have ownership of your hair other than you, the only person who can decide how often you should cut your hair or if you should cut it at all, would be you.

There are facts and myths to consider to help you decide

Trimming Makes Hair Look Good

Depending on the skill of whoever cut your hair, a newly trimmed hair looks shinier and bouncy for some reason. Anyone who is just looking at it may find the hairstyle appealing or not appealing but no one will ever say the actual hair looked dull or lifeless. Even if you trim your own hair, you are still going to achieve the “straight out from the salon” look. There is something about the constant combing and the incidental head massage that is part of the hair chop process which makes the hair look like it had just received treatment. Maybe it is because the stimulation released the hair’s natural oils.

A Trimmed Hair Is Easier to Detangle

Actually, the hair can detangle on its own. Try making a knot above your head and you will just end up frustrated because it will untie itself and revert to its original direction.

It is the hair ends which makes an entirely different story. Constant wear and tear from combing leaves it “double dead” or the hair is made up of dead cells but this part is usually a lot drier and stubborn to sway to any direction you want and tend to stay tangled for some reason. 

When you trim your hair regularly, you will almost forget these bunch who seem to be on lost command ever exist because they will rarely appear.

You can easily manage split ends, breakage and ends that are not in good shape.

Trimming Lessens Appearance of Frizz

You can keep frizz under control with regular trimming. Frizz occurs normally when you tend to wear hats or scarves often.  Hair is delicate and frizz can eventually cause damage to the hair strands so it is best to follow a regular haircut schedule.

Avoid Those Single Strand Knots

Single strand knots cause more tangles as other hairs get caught up in them as well. The hair which has been naturally shedding can also get caught up and  cause more unnecessary breakage.

This can be a nightmare for those who have naturally curly hair because the strands of hair will tend to twist and tangle around each other.

Keeping the hair stretched out can reduce this incidence but why keep your hair stretched or tied up when you can just trim it and watch these knots untie on its own

Added Volume

A freshly cut hair always appears thicker.

Easier to Style or Sway towards Your Desired Direction

Getting rid of dry and damaged ends can make hair more manageable and less stubborn

Reverses Heat Damage

Most of the damage brought by hair drying and straightening formulas can be removed after a couple of haircuts

Get Rid of Swollen Ends

Hair which appears puffier than the hair closer to the root is a sign of damage and it needs to be cut.

Say Goodbye to Split Ends for Good

Split ends will be a thing of the past if you trim your hair regularly

Hair Is Healthier

The nutrients which are allotted to fewer cells will be more abundant because they usually get consumed in excess by unrepairable damaged hair. Getting rid of all those damaged ones regularly leaves more for the maintenance of healthier portions

To sum up, you can get more from cutting your hair regularly than leaving it as is. When you trim your hair, the parts of it that do more damage than good are taken away and this gives more room for healthy hair to begin to grow.

This is why it is a good decision to get a regular haircut at your trusted hair salon like Snip-Its or TGF Hair Salon to make sure your hair will grow beautifully all the time.

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