Under-Eye Fillers – What You Need to Know

Under-Eye Fillers – What You Need to Know

If you search for solutions for dark undereye circles the remedies you’ll find usually include kitchen ingredients, brightening creams and undereye fillers, like Juvederm. Hollow or dark undereyes is a common issue caused by several factors like genes, lifestyle, not getting enough sleep, vitamin deficiency and natural aging.

Undereye filler may seem like a drastic choice, but it may be one of the few that are effective in changing the appearance of your undereye. Now before you start searching for dermatologists near you, you should know more about this treatment, how safe it is, what you can really expect during and after the procedure, and so on.

What Can Undereye Fillers Treat?

Many dermatologists recommend undereye fillers to fill the hollowness under the eye. If you have this issue you might have shadowing or dark circles under your eyes. Some people have dark circles due to hyperpigmentation, others are due to loss of volume (hollowness). If it’s the former, then a dermal filler won’t help.  But if the darkness is due to skin laxity from genetics or aging, then a filler can add volume and evenness.

Another thing to note is that these fillers won’t help those with large eyebags. For this issue, blepharoplasty may be in order. This surgery tightens the under-eye area by eliminating fat, muscle or sagging skin.

Benefits of Underye Fillers

The benefits of fillers for undereye circles or wrinkles are:

  • Brightening of the skin
  • Restored volume under the eyes
  • Reduced wrinkles under the eyes
  • Younger-looking appearance

Undereye Fillers and Botox

For the best undereye fillers your options are often either hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm or Botox. The latter is a neurotoxin keep your muscles from contracting, so it relaxes the skin and giving you a more youthful appearance. Results last around 3-4 months. Juvederm, on the other hand, is a hyaluronic acid filler injected directly under the skin to add volume giving a more immediate yet longer lasting result (up to 12 months).

Safety of Undereye Fillers

The area under your eyes is very delicate. More than that it is filled with blood vessels so it’s prone to bruising. If the fillers aren’t placed correctly, you may experience a condition known as Tyndall effect which refers to the manner by which light scatters under certain conditions so the skin may have a light bluish tint and swelling. The eyes’ sunkenness could also get worse. There is a treatment for this and it’s called hyaluronidase, an enzyme injected into the area to break down the filler. Now if the filler gets injected into a blood vessel, it could lead to blindness. This underlines the importance of choosing a qualified, board-certified doctor to perform the procedure.

It’s worth it to have a consultation with a qualified cosmetic doctor or dermatologist who has extensive experience performing said procedures. You can discuss what you hope to achieve from your fillers and what you should reasonably expect.

Undereye fillers before and after:


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