The Best Homemade Solutions That Can Give You Healthy Skin

Having good healthy skin is a matter of choice; not a predetermined state. Most of the time, a person needs only to be conscious about wanting to maintain healthy skin and be reminded of applying very simple homemade solutions.

Here are some of them:

Bathing should be a positive thing. It cleanses your skin and removes dirt and bad odor. However, it also removes good things on your skin, natural oils that protect it from damage and premature aging.

So, when bathing;

– Avoid staying too long in the shower. You should take a bath daily for optimum overall health but for only less than 10 minutes. Spending 10 minutes in the shower already creates a deficiency in your skin’s natural oils. Showers, using hot water, aggravate the situation. Short, cool showers are most tolerable.

– Don’t use deodorant soaps. Deodorant soaps contain chemicals that dry your skin. Their perfume component is a skin irritant. Liquid soaps or baby soaps are milder and safer for your skin.

– Use loofah in the shower to remove dead skin. Dead skin deprives your new and fresh skin with exposure and suffocates it. Use the shower as an opportunity to soften the dead skin and then, use the loofah to scrape it off.

Dry skin means you have dead skin. What can be unhealthier than dead? The only option is to remove the dead top cover skin and let the fresh skin out.

For dry skin:

– Give your skin a milk bath to exfoliate dead skin and improve your skin’s ability to hold on to moisture. It’s not sarcasm to say that people with good skin bathe in milk. Most of them really do.

– To exfoliate the rough parts of your skin, rub Epsom salt on these spots. Epsom salts are like natural sand paper that you can use to rub off stubborn dead skin cells.

– Eat fish twice a week to keep your skin cell membranes healthy. What you eat is still most important in creating the consistency of your skin.

– Take vitamins A, C, E and B6 for skin repair. Our skin goes through a constant cycle of damage and repair. These vitamins will help your natural body system to accelerate your skin’s healing process

Oil skin is supposed to be good but, it attracts dirt that results to acne infections. Dirt sticks to your oily face thereby infecting the open pores. The skin’s natural oils have their advantages but too much, creates greater opportunity for skin infection. You have to manage the excess oils.

For oily skin:

– Wash your face with warm water to dissolve some of the oil.

– Avoid soaps that provide extra moisturizers.

– Massage your face with buttermilk to clean dirt and tighten your pores.

– Use facial wash that contain alpha-hydroxy acids to reduce the oils in the pores.

– Avoid eating greasy food.

One of the best ways to remove dirt is by masking. Here are some suggestions on how you can mix up an effective facial mask.

– Clay masks can be made from bentonite and witch hazel which is available in most health stores. To make the formulation, mix one tablespoon of bentonite or witch hazel to an equal amount of facial clay. Add two drops of lemon and stir ‘til you get a sticky consistency. The lemons help in controlling oil glands.

You can apply this daily and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing.

– Egg white masks firm the skin and remove oils. Mix one teaspoon of honey with one egg white and enough flour to make a paste. Apply it daily and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

– Mango masks unclog the pores. Just mash a mango and massage it on your face.

The list won’t be complete without including the “don’ts” and the “have to avoids”.

– Keep your hands off your face. Most of the time, your hands are dirty and will cause irritations especially on the sensitive areas of your body.

If you have to touch your face, only do so after washing your hands.

– Avoid the worst skin destroyers; smoking and sunbathing which will prematurely age your skin.

If you want a tan, get it from a tanning salon like L.A. Tanning where there are skin experts who can manage your tan. There, you can take advantage of their professional skin care tips that are exclusive to your type of skin.

– Never drink more than one glass of wine because alcohol enlarges the blood vessels on your face.

Most of the people who have good skin are not blessed with the perfect combination of oiliness or dryness. In fact, people who are disadvantaged by belonging to the two extremes have a better chance for good skin because they are more conscious about their vulnerabilities.

Good skin is a matter of choice. It’s either you want it enough or you really don’t.

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